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I have chosen to use coaching and NLP as a methodology in my work with clients and for achieving their goals because I think that these are the strongest instruments giving people exactly what they need.

No advice is given in the professional coaching.

  • Under the form of discussions, the coach assists the client in finding his answers himself because nobody knows the client’s situation, his business, ideas and goals, motivation, soul demands, system of values, and relationships better.
  • The coaching is a science and a method, which teaches us how to extract the knowledge that we keep inside and how to apply it in the best possible way in order to achieve our goals and improve our life.
  • Coaching has a structure, rules, and principles that are studied, examined, and applied by professional coaches.
  • Coaching is a partnership, in which the client and the coach are equal – they are partners in their effort to achieve the clients’ goal.
  • The coach is neither a teacher, nor a councilor, he believes that the client knows best what is right for him and assists him in getting down to this knowledge according to the rules of the profession.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) 

  • NLP is a science and work method, which helps achieve transformation.
  • It unites several sciences: psychology, linguistics, neuro sciences, etc. as well as numerous researches aimed at analyzing the behavior of the world’s most successful people.
  • NLP examines the way we learn, the way the information gets into our conscious and subconscious mind, the way our communication affects us, the way we perceive information, the way we react to it and to external factors, events, and relationships, the way behavioral patterns are established and the way all this passes through our nervous system through our emotions and affects our physical body, reactions, behavior, attitude to the world, to ourselves and to other people, and the way all our experience is formed, which affects our present and future.
  • NLP gives the knowledge how to control all this so that we can transform the non-working models into working ones.
  • The developed NLP techniques help us achieve transformation at the level of subconscious and create our present and future in such a way as to manifest our soul desire in reality.

My definition of these two approaches is “Psychology of harmonious relationships, high achievements, and good health“. Through them, we gain clarity, realizations, and solutions, which transform situations, businesses, and lives in the best possible way.

I took part in a number of trainings during my corporate career. Now I can say that the results can be far more effective in the long run if the trainings are combined with coaching.

  • Usually the trainings teach us what to do but they do not teach the people how to raise their confidence and overcome personal troubles, fears, and stress. Most of the trainings do not focus on the development of personal talent and strong points. Coaching and NLP fill in this gap and give a “green light” to success and satisfaction.
  • Difference from consulting- the consultant offers his knowledge and point of view with regard to your issues. He shares his own expertise and can give you advice in a field beyond your scope of knowledge. Coaching works with the client’s own knowledge and competences. The coach assists you in finding the answers and in developing your potential basing on the information that you already have. He helps you overcome your inner blockages. Provokes you to undertake effective actions. This process is very interesting and brings unexpected and positive results.

Training and consulting are also very important development methods. The difference is that they offer other people’s information and knowledge. The coach integrates the entire knowledge and makes it working for each of us.

Being an NLP coach, I apply in my work both methods described above for maximum results.

  • I also use mentoring in the cases when the client wants to learn about modern communication approaches, healthy diet, and exercise and his intentions are to build new habits in these fields. In such cases, we work together for the permanent incorporation of the new habits in his life. Mentoring is a kind of practical training, which I make in the field of business development, personal efficiency, communication, healthy diet, and sports. It is supplementary to the coaching if the client requests so.
  • I do not do a therapy. I am not a psychotherapist. The therapists work with psychological traumas. Where in the process of work there is a need for such a therapy, I advise the client to visit the respective specialists.
  • I am not a doctor. I neither treat symptoms, nor prescribe medication. During our work, you may feel better but this will be due to the stress reduction as well as to the improved diet and exercises. Last but not least, this may be because you have found the solution to your problems. You would feel more energetic and in better health. Your sense of happiness and satisfaction will grow and this will trigger hormones and chemical reactions in your body, which will result in better health. Shortly, if you feel that your health is improving, this will be the result of your new lifestyle.

The coaching process follows the steps below:

  • In the beginning, we set the goals that you want to reach under my guidance. We define the period of our work and the frequency of our sessions.
  • For long-term results, we can meet 3-4 times a month online (on Skype or phone). The standard period is 3, 6, and up to 12 months depending on the goals set by the client.
  • During these sessions, we can discuss everything connected with your goals. You will define the subject of our discussions.
  • I will listen to you and lead you in the process of efficient actions.
  • You are responsible for the actions, which you undertake or fail to undertake as well as for the execution of the tasks you set to yourself. Your results depend on your effort.
  • I am responsible for keeping the structure, which will help you explore what is important for you and surmount difficulties in order to reach your goals.
  • At the end of the coaching period, you can measure the results of our work.

I will be with you to help you achieve what you have not been able to achieve only if your decisions are ethical and beneficial for yourself and the others.

After my certification as an NLP practitioner in Bulgaria, I departed for San Francisco where I was certified as an NLP coach. I took part in a mentorship program, which helped me improve my skills as a coach. I take part in practical seminars and trainings at regular basis in order to develop further my skills. 

I am a member of the biggest coach federation in the world, ICF and of its representation office in Bulgaria. This federation sets the standard in this profession, presents accreditation to coaching schools and to the “development path” of its members. Being a member of this organization, I observe high ethical standards in my work and follow the accreditation program. All this guarantees the quality of my coaching services.


Business qualifications and certification

  • I am a Master of Finances with 15 years of experience in the development of different kinds of business, risk analyses, and efficiency. I have worked as an internal auditor in a big Bulgarian bank, as a chief expert responsible for the development of the branch network and for the change of the corporate image of the bank. The essence of this work was lying in the risk and efficiency assessment of a big corporation, its expansion, and creation of a new image. After the end of this project, I was dedicated to fulfilling a dream that I had had as a student – to offer assistance to the Bulgarian business (small and medium companies) by financing their development projects. I became a financial analyst. The problem that I experienced was that I was unable to help them if the company was getting into trouble. Now I know that through the business coaching that problem could be either avoided or overcome in the best possible way.
  • Over the past 5 years, I have been working as an entrepreneur (initially as a wellness consultant and after that, as a coach) and I have gained significant experience in the different phases of development of my business.
  • I have been working as a business and personal coach for 3 years integrating all the knowledge I have acquired during my 20 years of experience.
  • As a lover of innovational approaches and in order to be in line with the requirements of the modern business worldwide, I have attended different trainings on the best modern business practices and it is my intention to make them accessible to a wider circle of the business people all over the world. In February 2017, I will be certified as Big Money Business Coach.

Wellness certifications

In the world practice, Wellness means: high quality of life, health, and satisfaction. This includes:  nutrition, exercise, harmonious relationships with family and people as a whole, self-care and care for others, stress reduction and personal growth, care about personal well-being.

Five years ago, I started working as a wellness consultant. Three years ago, I was certified as a nutrition consultant and aerobics instructor. Soon after that, I learned about coaching and embarked on this road, the benefits of which are described above. Being an NLP coach, fitness nutrition consultant and aerobics and callanetics instructor, I cover all the qualification requirements for a Wellness coach. I am very much interested in nutrition and exercise as instruments to keep good shape, sharp mind, beauty, and longevity. I myself do much exercise and try to eat healthily without going the extremes. My family also follows this tendency.




If you feel that this is what you need, please write to me in the contact form Contacts“. I will write you within 48 hours during the business days of the week.