Life balance

Programs for life balance improvement

I have designed three programs for you regarding life balance improvement:

  • Stress management,
  • Relationship management,
  • Get into fit.

Below I will offer to your attention three stories from my personal and professional experience. Reading them you will find out why I have selected these three subjects exactly. After that, you can read the details of the programs.

Three stories

One of my clients shared the following thoughts in the very beginning of our work: “While I was so deeply involved mentally and physically in my work as an executive director, I neglected all signals that my marriage was falling to pieces. I was in a constant state of panic that time was not enough and I was experiencing constant fears and worries. I was cycling around a single point of view and there was no way out. I was thinking that having a rest would make the things right at the end. In the evenings I just wanted to eat and sleep but I was only gaining weight and guilt…” After working together for some time, now she is in a process of establishing new balance in her life. Nobody knows how long it will take, but the client reports that she feels much better now and it is easier for her to cope with the daily routines.

Another client, owner of a small business, shared: “When I am stressful, I eat. I can eat everything I set my eye on. I work with many pretty people and I want to lose weight. This will give me more confidence and I will have better results and less stress. I will feel more energetic to follow my tasks and to play with my kids. I would be happier if I could feel like before…” Working together she has found her way to manage stress and consciously organize her diet. She has also found time for exercises. Now she says that she feels better and more satisfied.

My personal story: During many years, I lived under enormous stress and I was feeling horribly. My body was giving me signals, which I could not distinguish at that time – I was constantly getting bruises all over my body and I could not recall when I had hurt myself because I simply had not. When I made a 180-degree shift in my situation, I managed to reduce the enormous stress and the bruises were gone. Now I am much calmer and amiable, my business is fine, and the members of my family are happier. I feel great.

The question is how can we manage all this simultaneously?

Every story is exclusive but here you can find a system of unique solutions for every unique situation due to my methodology. 

Life balance improvement programs

Enrolling in one of these programs you will be able to feel that, not later than the second session, your life begins to change. Please, review them now:

The key to good health... 

Some people experience more stress than others do. The stress also tends to grow with time if we do not find a way to manage it. Our patience may be an advantage in some situations but in others, it may lead to an enormous pain and even to health problems. Do not wait for this to happen. You can work on stress reduction yourself or you can chose to work with me for quicker results. 

Together we shall work on the following:

  1. Clarification of your direction, vision, and priorities,
  2. Strategy of actions,
  3. Psychology of stress and stress reduction,
  4. Time and task management,
  5. Your best diet, exercise and restoration,
  6. Optimization of the environment.

The effect from our work on stress reduction:

  • People feel more energetic and inspired,
  • People gain control over their tasks, situations, and their life as a whole,
  • People re-establish their connection with joy and happiness,
  • People increase their productivity and efficiency,
  • People improve their relationships with others,
  • People improve the quality of their life and rest,
  • People often experience that the occurrence of different unhealthy symptoms stops or simply decreases *,
  • People create their base for connection with abundance,
  • People have a more satisfying life.

*I am not a doctor and I cannot guarantee any kind of treatment or cure for diseases. After stress reduction we become happier and some symptoms disappeare or become less bothering, as headaches, often colds and even some harder ones as this is exactly what happened to me. I cannot guarantee a treatment but I can help you live a more harmonious and satisfying life, which in itself is a reason for miracles to happen.

If you feel that you need support in order to reduce stress and increase joy and satisfaction in life, please contact me through the contact form in “Contacts”.

Do not let stress control your life because this leads to illnesses and dissatisfaction! Please, take precautions on time and contact me!

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them" - Albert Einstein.

Usually the relationships are the most stressful areas in our lives. We work on this in the Stress management program but here we place emphasis on the family relationships, which reflect on all other kinds of relationships. 

Our responsibility for the results of our relationship with the partner is 50%. Our responsibility for the results of our relationship with our children is also 50%. The remaining 50% are our partner’s responsibility. It turns out that our 50% are enough for us to manage our relationship with the people we love. It turns out also that these skills can be learned and applied in an ethical way using the “win-win” approach, which is described by Stephen Covey in his books.

We cannot change people. We can find a new approach to connect with them. This is what we shall work on in the “Relationship management” program. Please, take a look ...

We shall be working together on:

  1. Clarification of your direction, vision, and priorities in the context of relationships
  2. Identification with the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship
  3. Strategy of action and timing
  4. Expansion of the scope of understanding others
  5. Improvement of communication skills and feedback
  6. Psychological attitude
  7. Optimization of environment


  • Improvement of the communication with partner and children and reduction of the level of stress at home
  • Finding more time and energy for partner and children
  • Establishment of more harmonious and satisfying relationships

This is a problematic issue for many of my clients independently of the initial reason they have decided to contact me. This is my favorite subject because everybody wishes to have a loving relationship. This is extremely important for me as well. I am very happy when I see the quick results from my work with my clients and their growing satisfaction from the improved relationship with their partner, children, and even parents.

If you think that you need support for an abrupt improvement of your relationships at home, please contact me through the contact form in “Contacts”.

You will witness the results not later than our second session. In the course of two months, you will have changed drastically the situation in your life for the better.

Our life depends on the way we spend our time – in grumbling, rejection, fears or in love, joy, acceptance, and understanding. Write to me now!

Our habits create our reality! Our habits are driven by our unconscious mind which is 95% of our reactions and the way we live. And we need consciously to work on it if we want different results. If you do not have problems with weight, energy, concentration and tone, then you are extremely lucky.

Here is my story and the way I can help you to get into top shape ...

I always have to be very careful with my weight. I learned how to manage it and integrate this into my daily routine. I found out that this habit has reflected on my productivity. I feel much more energetic and radiating and I have better concentration and memory. This is not a waste of time. This helps me in my work and personal life.

To eat healthy, to exercise, to drink enough water and to find time for yourself is a chose.

With coaching I can help you to find your way to make your healthy choses workable as I did for many other people. 

You can register in the mailing list and start receiving important information or

If you deide to join the “Get into top shape” program, we shall be working together on the following:

  1. Clarification of your direction, vision, and priorities in the context of your physique and tone
  2. Strategy of action and timing
  3. New knowledge about the details in this field
  4. Optimization of the environment
  5. Psychological attitude


  • Lasting integration of the new knowledge into your life
  • Establishment of new habits for exercise, diet, rest, and discipline
  • Increase of energy, tone, and immunity
  • Improvement of quality and time of concentration
  • Reduction of stress, which leads to excess weight or to weight loss
  • Improvement of your mood and inspiration
  • Improvement of the quality of sleep, peace of mind, and intimacy

If you have any questions or you want to work with me, please, contact me through the “Contacts”. This is your first step towards your top shape. Write to me now!



If you work with me, you will be able to see results not later than the second session. Within 6 months, you will experience a drastic positive change in your life.


Please, write to me in the contact form in “Contacts“.