Personal effectiveness

 Personal efficiency

Individual program for executive directors, business owners, and free lancers who want to:

  • Raise their productivity considerably,
  • Improve the way of communication,
  • Reduce stress from time, money and negative communitcation
  • Have more time for themselves and their family,
  • Feel in shape, toned, and energetic.

Sometimes all our tasks, bills, and problems disturb our focus on important issues. We tend to postpone some things because we do not know how to do something or what decision to take. Mutlitasking makes us juggle. Tension grows and makes us non-productive, we work until late, we feel “tied” or “in a tunnel”. Luckily, all this can be changed…


I invite you to assess your need to improve your level of productivity from 1 to 10. This regards your personal feelings about your level of productivity. Make the test now following this link:

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If you want to improve your productivity, you can do it yourself or work with me for 100 days.

“Personal efficiency” program

This program includes four levels – body, mind, heart, and spirit – in order to find the best way for you to integrate these inextricably connected elements and make them work in a team. Like any machine, our human nature needs “fine tuning”. Let us take care now. Every one of us deserves it.

Together we shall be working on:

  1. Clarification of direction, vision, and priorities
  2. Strategy of actions
  3. Management of energy, focus, and time
  4. Optimization of environment and routine daily tasks
  5. Improvement of communication skills
  6. Work on your attitude
  7. Development of discipline
  8. A set of techniques for getting into a state of high achievements in different situations


  • Your focus will be re-directed to important issues and you will achieve better concentration and organization
  • Your stress level will be reduced and you will be able to leave the burden track
  • You will be able to undertake effective actions and sharply increase your business results
  • You will be able to manage your condition before important meetings and events
  • You will have more time for the people you love
  • Your will feel more inspired and energetic

If you want to work at a deeper level, you can review the “Business Growth” and “Life Balance” programs.

If you want to work with me in order to improve your productivity, please write to me in the contact form in Contacts“.