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Daniel Goleman in his bookWhat Makes a Leader” (HBR’s 10 Must-Read on Emotional Intelligence) tells about two-year long research in the USA with the goal to analyze the factors, which have the greatest impact on the financial result of a company. The results of the research are as follows:

“We found that of all elements affecting bottom-line performance, the importance of leaders mood and its attendant behaviors are most surprising… the leader’s mood and behaviors drive the mood and behaviors of everyone else… negative mood leads to negative underachievers who ignore opportunities. An inspirational, inclusive leader spawns acolytes for whom any challenge is surmountable. The final link in the chain is performance – profit or loss.”

What are the factors that have a negative effect on the leaders’ mood and behavior?

  1. Short and long term responsibilities, market and management challenges.
  2. Too many tasks that wait for you, which you think over and over during the nights instead of sleeping well.
  3. Stress from the figures and budgeted targets.
  4. The need for time for yourself and your family – need to improve your “Work-life balance”.
  5. The company’s culture!

“Our brain seeks to prove the things in which we already believe or which we already know”, also says Daniel Goleman.

That’s why we need another perspective to get us out of the rut.

A trustworthy partner – a business & leadership coach with wellness approach like me, who is not involved in the company’s business is very useful for “taking off the burden of stress from the leader’s shoulders” and to help him have an unbiased point of view for achieving the desired results easily and delightfully.

As support in this direction I have created these coaching programmes:

1/ A“New Perspective” coaching programme, which I use in my partnership with executive directors and entrepreneurs, for reaching their business goals and the goals of the company under their management with less effort and more delight.

  • With the tools of coaching and NLP we work for stress management, fresh perspective, finding answers beyond obvious, personal organization and life balance improvement, creation of new habits that serve the leader better, we work on all things that could sabotage the leader's inspiring performance.

2/ "Company culture" programme

  • It's often that leaders clash with the company culture that is not very productive a supportive. In this programme, I partner leaders to create long term strategy for the transformation of the company's culture in a stable, healthy and cooperative environment, where people can show the best of themselves.

Company's new culture implementation.

Thanks to my huge experience in the corporate world and my experience as a transformational coach and trainer I have developed several programs that solve a large spectrum of sabotages and personal growth issues and helps people in smoothly implementation of the desired company's culture that creates an environment of collaboration, loyalty, and dedication. These are a combination of pieces of training and coaching that provide real transformation. 

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1/ Coaching programme for experienced middle management - in this program I partner leaders to open their full potential, to organize better and to manage the stress with ease, which helps them reach their goals with delight.

2/ For the newly promoted leaders in companies and for small business owners, who are in the beginning of their leadership career, I have special solutions for overcoming their internal saboteurs, for creating a vision of what kind of leader they want to be and how to find their authentic approach for inspiring people in their team.

We work on communication improvement, giving and receiving feedback, how to create a culture of collaboration, what are people care and a safe environment for talent development, how to motivate people, and how to support them in reaching better results.

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The group programmes consist of educational modules and coaching modules. We work for improving leadership style, habits and way of communication, integration of the new things, personal and team effectiveness,  solving business cases and challenges. The side effect is the improvement of the "Work-life balance" of the leader. The programmes are transformational and have long term positive effects.

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People in your team are your BEST ASSET. It’s not enough just to decide to change the company’s culture – it is a process in which your people will need support.

Take a look at my other programmes and see how they can contribute to your team.

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