Personal & Team Effectiveness


For me, personal effectiveness means 3 things:

  1. effective communication and
  2. personal productivity, and
  3. to finish your work on time.

The team effectiveness, in my opinion, is:

  1. collaboration and support,
  2. effective and positive communication,
  3. proper roles distribution, in a way that everyone can give the best of himself,
  4. and all team members to finish their work within the working time.

How I can contribute to you and your team for improving the efficiency in your organization, you can find below.

But before that:

I invite you to assess your need to improve your level of productivity from 1 to 10. This regards your personal feelings about your level of productivity. Make the test for free now following this link:

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Are you satisfied by the result? What could you improve?

If you improve your personal effectiveness this will pay back to you with a better lifestyle, better results in work and better work-life balance.

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Take a look in the programmes below and find more about how I can help you, people you love and your team, and your organization by choosing to work with me as a coach in these areas:

Personal productivity is related to our possibilities to concentrate our mind and for a certain period of time to give faster and high-quality results in our job. The purpose is to free up time for other things we would like to do.

The factors that cause huge influence over our productivity are:

  • Sport, nutrition, a decrease of the worries, the discipline of our thoughts, emotions and our focus, reduction of the multitasking, etc.  

Self-care is not time lost, rather it helps us be more productive by giving us positive energy. When we have energy, we can give energy to our projects and the people around us.

How to manage your emotions, thoughts, and focus, how to order your priorities and to develop new habits, how to manage the factors that sabotage you in this process, it is something that I can help you with coaching, NLP and some other instruments for managing ourselves.

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Often happens people to share that it's difficult for them to defend their position or ideas in certain cases or in front of certain people. Often happens people to share that they can easily become quarrelsome against their partners, employees, colleagues, and sometimes even to some clients.  

I help people solve these challenges with ease when they work with me.

The stress actually is the way we look at a situation and it is connected with some stuck emotions inside us. When we change this for us, in a very natural way we start to accept the situation with neutral emotions and sometimes even with humor.

It's not enough to know that we have to behave well. Sometimes we need to manage our inner game.

And as an NLP coach, I am very good at helping you manage your inner game if you need to do it.

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The results of our presentations depend on our behavior, confidence, and structure of the content.  

  • Often clients say that when they need to talk with new people on networking events or conferences, they become nervous and stressed, and their behavior shows it.
  • Others say that when they have to talk in front of an audience "a hot wave come over them" or "as if a fog covers their head".

If you have the same feelings when you have to talk to people or in front of them, you are not alone. There are many people like you. I had the same problem too. I changed it for me and now I do pieces of training, speaking engagements and any kind of talk with ease. And I helped may other people to solve this issue for them as well.

What else? - I can also help you with coaching instruments to prepare your content with the impact that it has to create. The content is very important especially about small talks as presentations for 40 seconds or  1 to 2 minutes.  Longer presentations also have traps - how to keep audience attention during the whole presentation.

Working with me as a coach you will prepare powerful presentations with ease and you will develop your inspiring, authentic and confident behavior to get the results you want.

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You know that good preparation helps in receiving the results you want. When we have important meetings (business of private) sometimes we need to prepare even better.

With NLP and coaching tools I will help you see yourself from a different perspective. I will put you "in the shoes" of the other person, I will help you see yourself as a side observer. We are going to work on your energy, emotions, and confidence. We will transform any internal saboteurs. I will help you clear up your vision about the result of this meeting. In this way, you will be able to get the maximum for yourself from this meeting and to give the best for the other party.

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First, we shall investigate the needs of the team and people challenges, and then I will prepare a special programme for them.  The programme will be transformational and positive.

I will help them to create an environment of collaboration, support, and joy so that they will work with more delight. When people work with more delight they can give much more in their job.

With this, I can be of service to you as well.

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It often happens in big organizations that people from some teams to have a negative attitude to the people from other teams. I have met such kind of problems between the head office and branches in the banks, or between the HR division and administration department, etc.

This usually creates inefficiency and toxic environment and people underperform.

I have a special programme for transforming such an unhealthy attitude to attitude of openness, support and collaboration which leads to inspiration and better results for the organization.

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