Partnership with large and medium companies during the period of COVID-19 challenges

Sunday April 5th, 2020

This is a special partnership program for medium and large companies whose leaders understand that if they support their employees during these stressful times, provoked by COVID-19 pandemic, they will gain more loyal and inspired people, dedicated to supporting their company in return.

I can be very helpful for your Leaders and talents in two pivotal periods: 

1/ During the period of home office:

  • Individual online coaching sessions for stress-reduction and finding new solutions.

2/ After the isolation – for returning to the usual working process:

  • Individual online coaching sessions for returning to the working process with ease.
  • Trainings for personal effectiveness for people in your teams and developing an empathic approach in the leadership style and in the company’s culture.

Check out the BENEFITS for your company and more DETAILS about the program

A Program during the period of isolation:

Program 1 – Individual online coaching sessions for leaders and talents

  1. Emotional support and coping with fears, worries, other negative emotions, and lack of energy because of the stress.
  2. How to lead empathic conversations in daily communication with people so that they feel they are supported by management
  3. Improving personal efficiency during the “home office” period – very precious for people with children.
  4. Enhancing the “work-life balance” and self-care in order to keep people healthy and energetic
  5. Other topics according to the needs specified by the company’s management

What are the BENEFITS for you as a leader or as an owner?

By supporting your people in coping with their challenges,  

  • You will help them to cope with stress and to be more productive in their work.
  • They will become calmer at home, which will bring back their life balance.
  • They will feel that they are supported by the company and this will increase employee loyalty, satisfaction, and dedication to your company.

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Programs “Return to the usual working process”

Program 2 – Individual coaching sessions for leaders and talents

  1. Emotional balance and personal productivity
  2. Motivation and inspiration
  3. Finding new business opportunities
  4. Developing an empathic leadership style
  5. Other areas according to the company’s and its leaders’ needs

What are the BENEFITS for you as a leader or as an owner to help your people in their challenges? 

  • They will cope with their challenges and will improve their work effectiveness faster
  • You will help them to open their full potential for finding new solutions and opportunities for your company
  • They will regain their calmness at home and will bring their life balance back, and will stay more focused at work
  • They will feel supported by you, which will increase their loyalty, satisfaction, and dedication to the company even in difficult periods.

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Programa 3 – Trainings for developing of empathic approach in the leadership style and the company’s culture

  • Training “How to carry on an empathic conversation in stressful situations”
  • Workshop “Improving personal effectiveness”.
  • Developing leadership empathic skills.
  • Improving collaboration amongst team members or between different teams.

Why building empathy will nourish your company’s culture?

  • People perceive information and tasks easier and better when they are demonstrated empathy
  • People give their best if they feel understood and supported,  if they can express opinions freely without being punished and if they have the freedom to be creative and to complete the tasks in their own way when this is possible
  • They stay loyal to leaders and companies when they feel good and protected in the team,  feel appreciated by their leader and their colleagues
  • If they feel good in the company, they will give much more energy, and in difficult times, they will do their best to save it.

Thanks to my methodology,  these programs are flexible and they can easily respond to the needs of the people in the company according to the goals you want to achieve as a leader or as an owner. 

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What else would you like to learn about this topic? What are your challenges that you want to address? Please ask your questions or write your comments here. I will answer you within two working days.

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