Online training “Development of empathic communication skills”

Sunday April 5th, 2020

In the business environment, we usually talk about motivation and inspiration. In the family, we talk about love and mutual understanding. At school – for motivation to study. It turns out that the shortest way for achieving these aims is the empathic approach in our communication style.

We cannot change others. We can change our attitude toward them. The change starts with us.

In this training “Developing of empathic communication skills” you will find practical information and exercises that will help you create positive changes in your reality. You will feel the difference even after the first module.

What happy customers say about this training:

  • “Currently, I can hear better what the other people want to say and I can collect more information.”
  • “It seems like the other people start opening more and start sharing more. And now I can learn more things which are important for my business.”
  • “The tension decreased and I can communicate freely now”.
  • “I feel lighter and inspired now.”
  • “Abrupt change has happened with my relationships at work and at home. Currently, everything happens in calmness and peace. The work is going well without unnecessary emotions. There are more smiles and mutual understanding at home.”

Practical training

“Development of empathic communication skills”

This training is for business leaders, team members, parents, teachers, and other people who want to improve their relationships with people and to have better professional results and happier personal life.

The training consists of 5 modules in which we are going to work for developing new skills for communication systematized in a scheme of 10 easy steps. In the first 4 modules, we practice each of these steps, and at the end of the 4th module, we assemble the whole scheme. In the 5th module, we learn how to apply the scheme in a real conversation. In each module, we have practical exercises for overcoming the personal challenges of each participant according to their personal needs for transformation. The program includes:

  1. What is empathy, how we lose it, how we can regain it, how to understand people better.
  2. Practical work about how to free ourselves from negative feelings and emotions, and to enter in a neutral attitude to people and situations.
  3. How to connect with the positive attitude inside of us and to approach people positively even when we don’t like their behavior.
  4. How to listen actively in such a way that the other person feels that they are heard and understood instead of misunderstood, being advised, criticized, or blamed.
  5. How to express our feelings, emotions, and needs in a way that the other people can hear us, instead of rejecting us.
  6. How to respect the feelings and needs of other people and how to take them into consideration when we make decisions.
  7. Type of boundaries. How to build healthy boundaries, and how to respect the boundaries of other people too.
  8. Connection of empathy with motivation and inspiration.
  9. How to carry on a whole conversation that provides support, understanding, and collaboration, in a way that the other person responds positively to it.
  10. In the end, we systemize all this in concrete 10 steps and we practice how to carry on a whole conversation using examples given by the participants.


1/ Online (maximum 10 people):

  • 5 modules, 3 hours each for groups of 7 to 10 people (totally 15 hours)
  • 5 modules, 2.5 hours each for groups of 5 to 6 people (totally 12.5 hours)

2/ Life event (maximum 15 people):

  • 3 modules, 6 hours each for groups up to 15 people (totally 18 hours)
  • 3 modules, 5 hours each for groups up 10 people (totally 15 hours)

More details:

  • Training for leaders of one and the same company
  • Training for teams
  • Open training for people from different organizations or individuals who want to develop their skills
  • Special training for teachers, parents, and yang people age between 16 and 23 years

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