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According to your opinion, which is the factor that has the biggest impact on the financial performance of a company?

What experts say: 

Daniel Goleman in his bookWhat Makes a Leader” (HBR’s 10 Must-Read on Emotional Intelligence) tells about two-year long research in the USA with the goal to analyze the factors, which have the greatest impact on the financial result of a company. The results of the research are as follows:

  • “We found that of all elements affecting bottom-line performance, the importance of leaders mood and its attendant behaviors are most surprising… the leader’s mood and behaviors drive the mood and behaviors of everyone else… negative mood leads to negative underachievers who ignore opportunities. An inspirational, inclusive leader spawns acolytes for whom any challenge is surmountable. The final link in the chain is performance – profit or loss.”

It is widely accepted that we should not pay attention to emotions in business but more and more people come to the understanding that we are most of all human beings.

  • It has been proven by the neurosciences that suppressing emotions and stress is an obstacle to revealing our full potential as leaders. And I see evidence of what experts say in my work with clients.

Professional coaching solutions

A trustworthy partner – a professional business & leadership coach with wellness approach like me, who is not involved in the company’s business is very useful for “taking off the burden of stress from the leader’s shoulders” and to help him have an unbiased point of view for achieving the desired results easily and delightfully.

My special coaching programs for Leaders …

1/ A “New Perspective and Change Management” coaching program is for you if you

  • feel stuck, or you have lost your inspiration and delight in what you are doing;
  • are new in the organization and you want to "melt the distance" between yourself and other people faster;
  • feel you need to inspire your team;
  • or to communicate to them new structural changes or some bad news;
  • wonder how to satisfy the needs of different people in your team;
  • feel you could manage your emotions better not allowing other people's bad behavior to affect your mood,
  • or something else that bothers you as a leader ...

With the tools of coaching, NLP, emotional intelligence, and systemic constellations we work to eliminate all things that could sabotage your inspiring performance. As a result, you will feel calm and energized, with a better mood, more clarity and a new approach to people and situations that will serve you better.

2/ "Company Culture" program is for you if you wish to establish a better culture of collaboration.

  • It is often that leaders experience a clash with the unproductive and non-supportive company culture. In this program, I collaborate with the leaders in order to create long-term strategies for the transformation of the company's culture into a stable, healthy, and cooperative environment, where people can show the best of themselves.
  • Thanks to my huge experience in the corporate world, and especially in implementing changes, I have developed a system, which consist of several programs (coaching and trainings) that resolve a large variety of issues about change management and efficiency improvement in organizations, and ensure real transformation for establishing an environment of collaboration, loyalty, and dedication, that will stir your good mood regularly.

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Individual coaching program "Inspiring leader" is for you if

  • you are new to this position or in the organization,
  • or if you are at the start of your leadership path.

You can choose to pass through the two levels of the program or to participate only in one of them or to combine them depending on your own needs.

Level 1  is for leaders who are at the start of their leadership career or who need to revise their leadership path. I have special solutions for:

  • overcoming their internal saboteurs,
  • for creating a new vision of what kind of a leader they want to be,
  • how to improve the way of giving and receiving feedback,
  • how to solve conflicts, manage their confidence, mood, and emotions in the process of communication,
  • how to find their unique approach for motivating people and creating a culture of collaboration.

In Level 2  I partner with leaders in order to help them reveal their full potential:

  • by finding a new approach to motivate others and stimulate others to collaborate;
  • by managing changes and reorganizations with less stress and more delight;
  • by managing their mood and daily routines with ease.

The result is that they become more inspiring for the team members in their own unique way and create an environment of safety and loyalty.

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"Collective intelligence power"  - group programs for leaders

These are group programs, which consist of educational modules and/or coaching modules.

Depending on the leaders' needs, we work on:

  • the improvement of the leadership style, habits, and way of communication;
  • or on the implementation of the new things;
  • or personal and/or team effectiveness;
  • or finding unbias business solutions, solving business cases and challenges.

The programs are transformational and have long-term positive effects.

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As the leadership role is more complex, please, take a look at my other programs for additional solutions…

Personal and Team EffectivenessBusiness coaching,  and  Trainings

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