Effectiveness & Life Balance


What is stopping you from the success you deserve or from creating the life balance you want?

  • Do you have emotional stoppers that prevent you from completing your tasks, projects or goals?
  • Or you put too many emotions in your daily routines and communication with others that make you unproductive.
  • Do you need to stop thinking about work at night and to develop your creative ideas during the day?
  • Do you want to start going to the gym regularly and to have time for your family?
  • Or you need to be able every day to call a number of potential clients but you don’t do it…
  • Or you cannot negotiate your deals effectively, always reducing the price and finally ending up working for covering the expenses only? Maybe you want to be able to freely negotiate the well-earned remuneration for your projects”

Or you would like to help people in your team to improve their personal and team effectiveness by improving their emotional intelligence and collaboration, or through finding new business solutions using an unbiased approach?

How can I contribute to you and your team for improving efficiency?

You can find below…

But before that:

I invite you to assess your need to improve the level of your productivity from 1 to 10 because our inefficiency affects our productivity level. Our productivity level is like a symptom. After that, you will know where to start from in your personal improvement. We cannot change others, we can change our attitude to them and we can improve our soft skills. We can be the change we want to see in others. You can share this test with your team members too.

The test regards your personal feelings about your level of productivity. Make the test for free now following this link:

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  • Are you satisfied with the result?
  • What can you improve?

Improving your personal productivity will help you achieve better results at work, a better lifestyle, and better work-life balance. If you like it, please share it with other people!

My special coaching solutions for you:

There are moments in life when we need to stop and look inside:

  • What we really want. What we really dream about. How we see ourselves, our lives, our career, our family life. Are these dreams ours? Or somebody else’s?

Sometimes we feel that we have to revise our vision and let go of something. However, we have emotions, beliefs, we may feel guilt, or we may feel overwhelmed...

Using my collection of methodologies, I can help you:

  • find your unbiased point of view,
  • your own path or
  • your new attitude that will bring you harmony and wings to fly in the right direction. 

For more information, please write to me on: ivet@ivetpavlova.com

Our environment can either support our progress or slow it down. It may sometimes be a challenge to manage your environment, and the changes you want to implement. People do not like changes and they may not like your change.

1/ We need to manage our thoughts and emotions before managing our environment:

  • Our internal voice could keep us wide-awake at night and make us inefficient during the day.
  • Our thoughts create emotions and they affect our physiology and reactions.
  • They could make us supper productive or could provoke internal sabotages.

Using the right tools, I can help you

  • manage your thoughts and emotions in a way that you can regain your good sleep, good mood, and your daily efficiency;
  • you will start to control your reactions better;
  • you will find your own new way to express your positions, to keep your healthy boundaries and confidence.   

2/ Maybe you need to accept that "we manage things and lead people"

  • How to organize our material environment and our personal issues better?
  • How to communicate new things to people better, or some changes, bad news, or how to satisfy the needs of the different people in your organization?
  • How to "melt the distance" between you and other people faster?
  • How to motivate people to follow the new wave that you want to introduce to them?
  • How to improve whatever you want in your environment?

You can investigate all this with me and find your own approach... 

My collection of tools - coaching, NLP, systemic constellations, emotional and social intelligence will give you:

  • a fresh perspective and a new point of view from different angles,
  • you will find your best new approach for your situation;
  • transformation of sabotages into better working models and habits;

Working with me you will improve your personal efficiency in times. And this will help you save time, effort, emotions, and even money.

For more information, please write to me at: ivet@ivetpavlova.com

You may need to manage your

  • Energy, focus, concentration, and timing better,
  • Or you need to live more in the present moment, stop thinking of the future or the past,
  • Or you may need to manage your emotions because our emotions can make us unproductive,
  • Or you may need to develop new habits for responding to situations in order to manage the emotions of other people better,
  • Or you may need a new daily organization or better clarity on priorities,
  • Or to create a healthier lifestyle, etc.

Whatever you feel you need to improve, using the method of coaching, NLP, and other tools I can help you do it faster. The effect is transformational and will open up completely new potential for you.  

Personal productivity is essential for what you want to achieve. Do not waste time in trying to cope with it alone. I can help you transform the sabotaging models into supporting models.

For more information, please write to me at: ivet@ivetpavlova.com

  • Due to the huge amount of tasks, sometimes we may feel so tired that our creativity level drops down, as do our energy, clarity, motivation, and even confidence. Where this happens before an important meeting, or important negotiations, call me, I can help you present the best of yourself.
  • I also help people when they have to talk in front of an audience. I help them reduce stress, prepare their content so that they feel confident and show their best.

Using coaching, NLP, systemic constellations and emotional intelligence tools, I help people explore and find:

  • their inner resources and
  • structure their thoughts in a supportive way, opening their authenticity and potential.

Work with me to rock your results!

For more information, please write to me at: ivet@ivetpavlova.com

Working with me, people

  • understand themselves and others better;
  • become more openhearted and connect with others easily and with joy;
  • they find new ways to prioritize, organize, and communicate, which makes them more efficient and happier at work;
  • their full potential is released.

What are the problems in your team? Do you feel that something needs to be changed? If yes, contact me...

  • Do you want your team to work faster or to reach a particular goal?
  • Do you want them to complete their tasks on time?
  • Do you want to see happier and more loyal employees who do their best for the organization?

What shall we do

  1. We shall investigate the needs of the team and their challenges.
  2. We are going to set particular goals that you want them to achieve.
  3. I will prepare a program for them, which will be transformational and positive.

Contact me to have full presentations. Please, write to me at ivet@ivetpavlova.com

  • How to transform rejection and negativity in acceptance and collaboration is what we work on in this program.
  • Turning over negative energy into creativity and support brings efficiency, motivation, and much higher performance in a joyful environment.
  • The spiritual side of money says that money follows joy and contribution.

I can help your teams in the establishment of a creative environment, which will release their full potential.

For more information, please write to me at: ivet@ivetpavlova.com

Sometimes we may be very productive but we may need a new point of view or more inspiration. Please, take a look at my other programs for additional solutions…

“Inspiring leadership”“Business coaching” and  “Trainings”.

For more information, please write to me in the contact form in Contacts“.