Elevate your business and life-balance in 2021 with me

Transformational Coaching Program “New Horizons”

For business leaders and entrepreneurs 

2020 shook us a lot, but it also taught us many lessons.2021 seems unpredictable. We need more flexibility and an unbiased point of view in order to be able to respond to the challenges that we would face in the best possible way and to continue growing in business and life.

I can help you create 2021 as one of your bests. 

What will you get with my coaching program “New Horizons”?

This is a 10 hours online coaching program. Depending on your needs, I will help you:

  • Free up from negative emotions, fears, and stress,
  • Connect with your intuition, strengths, and values (often forgotten or unseen),
  • Improve your communication & leadership skills and gain more confidence,
  • To improve your objectivity and understanding of people and situations by exploring your challenging situations from different perspectives.

So, you will :

  • Expand your point of view and you will create new solutions to problems that affect you and the people around you.
  • You will gain many inner resources and inspiration to follow your heart and your unique path in business and life.
  • You will create a new vision, flexible strategy, and steps that will serve you better in the current situation.
  • You will find your best way to communicate all this with people in your environment.

Benefits for you: 

  • You will gain more clarity and act more effectively in your challenging situations.
  • You will manifest your uniqueness and your full potential in business and as a leader.
  • You will be energized and inspiring, more productive and creative, while simultaneously improving your life balance.
  • You will find a way to improve cooperation with people in your environment.
  • All of the above will help you reach your goals and desires faster than if you continue trying to cope on your own.

How shall we work?

  • This is a 10 hours coaching program. Coaching means that I will not advise you. Coaching is a discussion in which I will help you connect with your inner wisdom for finding your best-unbiased solutions inside of you and this makes my coaching so incredible. My experience and intuition, the methodologies I use, and my kind and calm attitude provide the space for huge positive results and transformation.
  • We are going to meet online two or four times a month, depending on your needs for support.
  • Each coaching session is between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on your needs and the challenges you explore during the session.
  • In each coaching session, you are going to find new solutions and you will measure your results.
  • You are going to measure your results at the end of the program as well.

Everything can be measured even the emotional sessions.

Contact me for a FREE 30-minute talk where I will answer all of your questions! 

This free talk Does Not oblige you anything! This is for both of us to learn more about each other, your challenges, and how I can support you! Based on this conversation, we are going to decide whether we are going to work together.

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  • Please describe shortly the challenges you are facing and your motivation for solving them.

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