The best way to describe what are the benefits of attending my trainings is to share what happy customers say about them:

  • “I have been having trouble with my business for a long time. It seemed I had found some solutions but they were not working. At the very first training with Ivet, I found a solution for 3 problems, which I applied immediately into practice and everything ran smoothly in a blink of an eye. The effect was stunning, so I took part in a second and a third training and again I was finding new inspirational solutions.” Rumiana Stamatova, owner of the labor medicine company “SI Consult 2005″ Ltd.
  • “The training was a good orientation point for where was my position with regard to the needed resources. I have been working on several projects and it helped me prioritize better. In my second training, I found some other important solutions, which were very useful for my next business steps.” Angelina Penkova, owner of “COMTRAIL“ marketing agency
  • “Recently I had been promoted to a leader of an independent unit in our company and I was feeling paralyzed. I lost sleep over worries on how to deal with it. The training helped me rework my fears and I found the needed resources to continue and be proactive. I realized that I had been stopping myself. Since then, my work has been flowing smoothly.” Violeta Mamarova, Office manager at “CreditLand”.



For leaders, team members, salespeople and others who want to create a better environment and be better communicators, hence improve their performance and satisfaction at work and in life.

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For teams that underperform - branches, offices, or other teams in the head office

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For solving inefficiency and conflicts between branches and head office, between the front office and back office, and other interdependent teams.

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For more information, please write to me through the contact form in “Contacts“.