The best way to describe what are the benefits of attending my trainings is to share what happy customers say about them:

  • “I have been having trouble with my business for a long time. It seemed I had found some solutions but they were not working. At the very first training with Ivet, I found a solution for 3 problems, which I applied immediately into practice and everything ran smoothly in a blink of an eye. The effect was stunning, so I took part in a second and a third training and again I was finding new inspirational solutions.” Rumiana Stamatova, owner of labor medicine company “SI Consult 2005″ Ltd.
  • “The training was a good orientation point for where was my position with regard to the needed resources. I have been working on several projects and it helped me prioritize better. In my second training, I found some other important solutions, which were very useful for my next business steps.” Angelina Penkova, owner of “COMTRAIL“ marketing agency
  • “Recently I had been promoted to a leader of an independent unit in our company and I was feeling paralyzed. I lost sleep over worries on how to deal with it. The training helped me rework my fears and I found the needed resources to continue and be proactive. I realized that I had been stopping myself. Since then, my work has been flowing smoothly.” Violeta Mamarova, Office manager at “CreditLand”.

Very important!

The methodologies I use allow full confidentiality of the process. There is NO need to share details about the case you need to investigate in order to find solutions. We work with questions, looking at the situation from different perspectives, and we find your own recourses. This sheds light on what you need in order to move ahead in your professional and even in your private life.

Trainings for you and your team:

In these programs we work in three main directions:

  1. communication improvement and collaboration in teams and between teams,
  2. improvement of personal efficiency of the people in the teams,
  3. finding new fresh solutions beyond the evident (Very useful when people are looking for growth but they cannot do it.)

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In cases of inefficient teamwork, the first step is to investigate what is happening in reality and how it can be changed. Then we prepare a program for improving peoples’ soft skills or other factors in the organization.

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At times, we need to discuss our challenges with people outside of our team because all team members usually are too much involved in the situation. The change of the perspective, the fresh and unbiased viewpoint is very precious for moving ahead with ease.  

In these workshops for people from different businesses and companies, in an absolutely confident environment, participants find new inspiring solutions. Above you can read what people share about their experience.

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In groups, we use collective intelligence to help each other. But in the individual coaching, you can go even deeper. Please, take a look at my individual programs for additional solutions …

Inspiring Leadership, Personal & Team Effectiveness, Business & Organizational Coaching

For more information, please write to me through the contact form in “Contacts“.