Sara Kelly Keenan, Obesity and Chronic Pain Life Coach, USA

Thursday August 21st, 2014

I highly recommend Ivet as a Coach. She has helped me overcome my own limitations both personally and professionally. Issues in my life that I was not dealing with but needed to deal with became easier to face with Ivet. Together we looked at why I wasn’t doing in my life what I said I wanted to do and why I was stopping myself. Ivet helped me make plans for my future personally and professionally and break down those plans into doable actions I have been able to follow through on successfully. If there is something in your life you believe you should be doing but you are not doing it, I recommend coaching sessions with Ivet. She will help you figure out exactly what you want and then how to get it.

Сара Кели Кинан, Лайф коуч за хора с наднормено тегло и хронични болки, САЩ