Individual coaching programs

Take a look at my individual online coaching programs. We are going to create your personal program together according to your specific needs for support. The duration of the process depends on your personal needs for transformation and finding new solutions. Usually, it takes 3, 6, or 9 months, depending on your challenges and goals. My coaching style is calm, transformational, and result-oriented. Every coaching session you will have positive results and new solutions leading you toward your bigger goal. The first session is a strategic session. During it, we are going to define the direction of our work together, the goals that you want to achieve, and what to be included in your personal program. Connect with me to learn more …

Start-Up business coaching programs – creation and stabilization

Your business is your reflection. It is a combination of your ideas, mindset, attitude, and skills. In this program, I can support you in four directions: 
  • Business development and life balance coaching
  • Developing a mindset of success, abundance, effective actions, and communication
  • From Boss to a Leader - developing leadership skills
  • Developing a proper business and cash-flow model
Take a look at my programs and learn more about how I can support you.

Scale-Up business owners, Leaders and teams coaching programs & trainings

Good leaders support their people but who does support them in difficult situations? My coaching solutions for you:
  • Grow up as a leader together with your company
  • Business growth and life balance for scale-up business owners
  • First-time manager/leader
  • Unlocking the full potential of employees
  • Communication with ease and joy, trainings for your teams
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Life-Balance coaching for leaders and people looking for new solutions

Involved in our daily routine, it happens often to lose our balance in life or our inner balance. In this program I support people in three directions: 
  • Personal effectiveness and life balance
  • Emotional balance, confidence and inspiration
  • Improving communication & relationships with people at work and at home
Take a look at my program and find more about how I can support you.