Individual, group and team coaching programs

It is for you and/or for your team if you want to provoke a change or growth with more clarity and awareness…

Inspiring Leadership

In this program, I work with leaders and entrepreneurs for developing an Empathic approach in their leadership style and in the company's culture as a path to sustainable business growth.  I also help leaders to reduce stress and to find new ways of inspiring their people. The program is flexible to the needs of each leader and their team. For more information, please, write to me here.  

Effectiveness & Life Balance

To achieve better results with less effort, this is the purpose of this program. I will help you to improve your communication skills, your confidence level, your presentational skills, and your emotional balance. I also can help you to improve your focus and concentration, as well as your work-life balance, or other challenges that you are facing in regards to your personal effectiveness.  If you would like to learn more about the way I could support you, please write to me here.

Business & team coaching

I use the methodology of coaching, NLP, and systemic constellations to partner with the leaders and entrepreneurs in finding their own best solutions for their projects. And if you think that your team can perform much better than it does it currently, after investigating their specific needs, I can propose you a practical training or team coaching to help them be more efficient. We work in 3 directions: improving the collaboration, stress reduction, finding new solutions for achieving extraordinary business goals.  To learn more, please, write to me here.