Individual coaching programs

These are online coaching programs. Usually, we work on skype, but we can work on another online platform as well. The duration of the programs is from 6 to 24 hours (between 2 and 12 months), depending on your needs of support and your goals. We meet from 2 to 4 times a month, depending on how fast you want to move forward and how much time you can give to yourself for coaching. You can find more details about my programs here…

New Business Solutions & New Inspiration

If you face business challenges and the tension for decision making is huge, as a Business Coach, I can help you cope with this faster and easier.  I invite you to take a look at my coaching programs:
  • New business solutions and a new perspective
  • Psychology of success, confidence, and emotional balance
  • Reorganization of the company and change management

New age leaders & talents’ development

Do you want dedicated, loyal, and inspired people that bring many opportunities for your company? I invite to take a look at my programs and to see how I can contribute to your wishes:
  • Developing of an empathic approach in your leadership style & in the company's culture
  • Leadership skills for newly promoted leaders, micro & small business
  • Emotional balance, conflict solving and personal effectiveness
  • Change management and communication of changes

Life Balance, Inspiration & Communication

Sometimes the challenges in our personal life can take too much from our focus. In such cases, we cannot give our best at work. With these programs I can help you cope easier and faster with your personal challenges:
  • Stress reduction, confidence & personal effectiveness
  • Improving your life balance & finding new inspiration,
  • Improvement of communication with people at work and at home