Life Balance, Inspiration & Communication

If you came to a point in your life that you feel unsatisfied with your life or as if you have lost the light inside you, or maybe you feel on a crossroad, there is a solution and it is in our ability to 

  1. To take some time to look inside us for the answers we need.
  2. To overcome worries, fears, negative thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
  3. To improve our personal productivity and to have more time for ourselves.
  4. To accept our own limitations and embrace our imperfection, to appreciate ourselves just as we are, and to remain open for development.
  5. To find happiness, inspiration, and love inside us.
  6. To learn how to accept love, help, and support, and how to open ourselves to receiving abundance.
  7. To find our own personal and inspirational path.
  8. And to spend more fulfilling time with people we love, improving the way we communicate with them.

This is the path to wellness in our life.

With my coaching programs, I will support you in your journey

  • To go through the road described above.
  • To create the changes you need and achieve your heart wishes fast and with ease.
  • And to find your most efficient way to communicate them with people around you.

The benefits for you

  • This will help you raise your positive energy.
  • You will learn how to build harmony in our relationships.
  • You will open for more professional success.
  • You will find your own way to create and keep your life balance with ease.

You will feel your first positive results even in the first coaching session with me.

Individual online coaching solutions for you:

This program will help you reduce the accumulated stress, improve your confidence, emotional balance, and personal effectiveness.

  •  The duration of the coaching process is usually between 10 and 18 hours.
  • You will define your final goal and you are going to achieve a smaller goal during each coaching session.
  • One session has a different duration - between 1 and 2 hours, depending on your emotional challenges.
  • The coaching session ends when you find at least one positive result, which will be measured by yourself.
  • The duration of the program depends on your goals and the challenges that stop you, as well as your readiness to solve them.

Using coaching tools, as a result of our work together:

  • You are going to see your challenges from different perspectives and will find your own unbiased point of view.
  • You will free up from worries, fears, anger, disappointment, emotional pain, and other negative feelings and emotions.
  • You will learn how to connect regularly with the positive sensations and to make them your usual condition.
  • You will find your own personal inspiration - the one that your heart wants the most.
  • You will start to create your wishes in life and to achieve your goals faster.
  • You will notice how people will start understanding you better, and vice-versa.
  • Your energy and inspiration will largely improve.
  • You will become more organized and productive NOT because it is necessary but rather because you have found your own path.
  • You will start to act from the position of positivity without underestimating the challenges in life – which, in turn, will help you solve future problems easier.

What my clients say about working with me:

  • They become calmer and more effective in their actions.
  • They take better decisions for themselves and for the people around them,
  • They improve the way they communicate with others very fast.
  • At the same time, they become happy and calm.

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Now it is time to stop or slow down and to reconsider the things in our lives. 

If you have a magic wand, what do you want to have in your life? 

  • More time for the people you love?
  • More personal time or for practicing sports?
  • Do you need the freedom to do the things you love?
  • Or you need to find your ‘flame’?

This program will help you to:

  • change what you don't like in your life
  • create the life your heart wants in a way that it will be good for you and for the people around you.

This is a process. Depending on your challenges and your goals, in a period of 6 to 24 hours (between 2 to 12 months), you will transform your life and will find your inspiration. The duration of one session is between 1 and 2 hours, depending on your emotional challenges and the cases you want to solve. The session is over when you find at least one positive result. We will measure the result of our work together after each session.

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It turns out that our fulfillment greatly depends on the way we communicate with people - our partner in life, our children, colleagues, friends, managers, team members, etc.

But our communication style is largely dependent on:

  • if we feel appreciated, loved, understood and respected by others,
  • how people communicate, whether they are kind or rude,
  • if we can express freely and in a calm way our point of view, our feelings and emotions,
  • if we can keep healthy boundaries and we can respect the boundaries of others,
  • whether we can listen to other people's needs and desires or we want to control the situation explicitly,
  • whether we are confident or arrogant, or we just prefer to stay silent and not to go to conflict,
  • and many other important elements, which make the communication delicately or rude, successful, or repulsive, or just there is no communication at all.

We cannot change others, but we can change our approach to connecting with people. When we change our communication habits, people change their responses accordingly. This is the way we can create a ‘ripple of change’ in a positive direction. I invite you to do this with me.

In this program, we work according to your challenges, needs, and goals for improving the way you communicate with people. 

  • Each session will provide at least one positive result. It could be a new approach, solution, emotional balance, skill, or behavior. You also will notice a positive change in non-verbal communication which is very important as 93% of the communication depends on it.
  • This is a process in which step-by-step you are going to improve the way you communicate with the person you want and other people.
  • The usual duration of this program is between 12 and 24 hours (from 3 to 12 months), depending on your challenges and goals.

When we start working together, you will notice an incredible transformation in your relationships with people. For a very short period of time, you will start to communicate with much love, harmony, mutual understanding, and success! 

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