We all are humans. Humans are driven by emotions. Even when we don’t express them, we may feel hurt, demotivated, rejected or appreciated, supported and valued. How do you prefer to feel when you are talking with people? How do you think they prefer to feel? What about if you become a leader who can […]

Leadership is more about communication – the way we share vision and goals with our team members, the way we motivate them, give bad news, feedback or the way we react to what comes to us, all this creates a concrete result and it has its consequences in short-term and long-term.   What are the […]

How a leader become a successful and loved leader? How does the leader create an environment of collaboration, where the work goes efficiently, people are happy and supportive, and the company’s results grow with ease? On this workshop we are going to discuss and find answers to the questions above using 3 types of study: […]

The first advice I received from my colleagues in the lending division of Bulgarian American Credit Bank years ago after I started to work there as an investment analyst, was: “Look what kind of person is the leader/entrepreneur. The project could be perfect, but if the person does not have good managing skills, the project […]

There are periods when we are so consumed by our professional goals that we procrastinate taking care of ourselves, procrastinate paying attention to our children, to our partner, making excuses with having so many “to do” tasks … What are the consequences of that? Are you ready to bear them? And is it worth it? […]

Hi every one! ICF Bulgaria organizes a masterclass about team coaching. The trainers are famous executive coachies from UK: Georgina Woudstra, MCC and Dr. Declan Woods, MCC Here you can watch some information about the masterclass and the team coaching: On this video here Here you can find details about the trainers and the event: Here […]