What do you thing about most of the time during the day? What are your concerns that you are thinking about often? What are your fears that stops you from doing what you want to do? What is your inner dialog about the things in life, people or a situation, or particular person? How does […]

“You helped me get back to my center, to reconnect with my authentic self and positive energy. This is something very special for you. I have not met a coach with your capacity to work with difficult emotions” a client said to me recently. And yes, this is one of my superpowers in my coaching […]

We all as humans have superpowers Superpowers are something like talents that make us unique and valuable for the other people. They are things that we are particularly good at or special qualities that other people see in us.  They are special gifts that can be very ordinary at first sight but very precious for the […]

What do you think coaching is? What do you know about coaching? It is so modern nowadays. But many people confuse it with consulting or mentoring. Professional coaching is a methodology for leading a conversation that creates awareness, new solutions, and transformation. In professional coaching, we do not give advice. If you get advice or […]

Hi, I am Ivet Pavlova, a coach and trainer, a problem solver by heart and vocation. I decided to share my personal story because it’s time for me to start sharing my rich experience with more people through articles and events in the next weeks and months. Many times my colleagues coaches, friends, and clients said to me “you inspired me”. I hope that I will inspire more people to achieve the longings of their hearts.

It is December, Christmas time. This is the most intensive period of the year, at least in Bulgaria. People usually try to complete everything that was not completed during the year. And it seems as if December is the end of the world. And in the same time, preparation for Christmas is the other activity […]

“Leadership with love and empathy” is one of my favorite topics to talk about. Probably you will ask: – How are we going to achieve goals by being more empathic? – How are we going to put the line between friendly attitudes and the requirements for the work to be done on time? 🌞 Let […]

One of the challenges that I help my clients solve is how to cope with conflict situations. Conflict does not mean rising voices against each other or irrational talking. But it often happens between people at work and at home. – Actually, conflict is just a meeting between different needs, requests, opinions, points of view, […]

Caught up in everyday life and the demand of people at work and at home, we can lose our work-life balance very easily. How do you balance your professional development, your personal needs, and your personal life? How do you cope with conflict situations at work and at home, especially if you are at the “home office”? Do you want to improve these aspects of your life?

“People who never do actions only they don’t receive criticism,” one of my mentors said once. And it was a game-changing phrase for me. Since then, I stopped feeling pain when I receive criticism. Usually, we all use criticism in our daily life. Probably very few people are able to give constructive and positive feedback […]