About me and my job

Hello, My name is Ivet Pavlova,

I help people and companies improve the effectiveness in their organization through coaching programs & trainings with a wellness approach for leaders, teams, and key employees.  This was a logical step in my overall professional development after 15 years of corporate experience in business development, reorganization, and business expansion in the financial sector.

During my corporate experience, I witnessed the growth and fall of many people, conflicts and examples of support, efficient and inefficient people, and many contradictions, which reflected positively or negatively on peoples’ and companies’ performance.

After my son was born my priorities changed, and I decided to become a wellness entrepreneur (the year 2011) and help people live a healthier lifestyle. Gradually this idea has developed due to my passion to improve myself as a parent by reading child psychology. And in 2013 I have already known that I wanted to be able to help people be happier and more successful, living a healthier lifestyle at the same time Discovering coaching, I embarked on a new journey of growth and found my professional path.

I studied coaching and NLP in the USA, and since 2014, I have traveled three times to the US for different trainings. I studied other methodologies in Bulgaria in other international programs. And I have collected incredible tools, which I apply very successfully fulfilling my inner call.

During my entrepreneurship process, I have passed through a huge transformation, which has helped me become even more intuitive in my work. It was an intensive period of personal and professional growth, during which

  • I have integrated my enlarged collection of methodologies for supporting people,
  • and I have developed a holistic approach, providing solutions from the point of wholeness,
  • giving people high-quality positive transformation and solutions.

Since 2014, I have accumulated much experience as a coach internationally and in Bulgaria with leaders in the corporate world and small, and medium business owners, and entrepreneurs. Please, read my clients’ feedback here…

In the process, I have found the right course where the interests of the companies and the employees meet in such a way that the latter achieves high results while feeling better and more satisfied in their organizations.

I have developed my own group and team programs based on my overall experience and they have great success. You can find more about my programs and what people say about them here…

My programs help people and organizations find new solutions in the following areas:

  • Inspiring leadership, Personal & team effectiveness, Building a culture of collaboration,
  • Change management (when they provoke changes), Support during periods of changes (when the changes are provoked by other people),
  • Solving business cases, Target & goal achievement.

The programs are products of my scientific approach and many years of studying, personal experience through individual transformation, my previous business experience and my experience as a coach, my passion for personal development and improvement of the communication between people, peoples’ needs to combine professional growth and life balance, and companies’ need to have committed and successful employees. My combination of different instruments, experience, and intuition make my sessions and trainings very powerful (according to my clients’ feedback).

I love my profession and I work with all my heart and dedication!

What more: 

I use basically coaching, NLP, System constellations and Emotional intelligence to create awareness, clarity, and transformation from the perspective of wholeness.

  • As a coach, I don’t give advice. I help clients “derive their own truth” using the tools of these methodologies.
  • I am trained to help you find the best solutions inside you. This happens naturally as the coaching process unfolds.
  • Coaching and NLP work on the level of the knowledge and experience the person has, and I also use mentoring in some cases.
  • System constellations give knowledge about the hidden dynamics that we cannot see easily in our daily lives. And just acknowledging them helps a lot in balancing our emotions and response.
  • Emotional intelligence gives a huge knowledge about how to manage ourselves first before managing others.

Coaching, NLP and Emotional Intelligence are methodologies that are products of cooperation of several sciences (psychology, linguistics, neurosciences, physiology, and other human sciences). They are created to respond to the basic human need for improvement. That is why they have a holistic approach to solving business, communication, relationship, and life challenges. They help us to establish a better future.

We all participate in different systems: family, company, community, etc. System constellations is a methodology, which is based on psychology. It investigates the systems’ dynamics and energy flow as principles in each system. It provides deeper knowledge and provokes transformation from a systemic base helping people to make decisions from the position of wholeness: order, belonging, and balance of the systems, our place, and interactions in the different systems. The result is finding balance, hence we feel emotional relieve, we become calmer and happier, and we give ourselves a “green light” to success.


Basing on these methodologies, I help people:

  • Solve their dilemmas, challenges, conflicts, internal blocks, improve their clarity, communication, and reactions, and take decisions and actions with a higher level of awareness.
  • People become more fulfilled, successful, and happier.
  • They improve their communication style, they start to collaborate with others easier, with more empathy, understanding and at the same time they are able to set healthier boundaries. 
  • They move toward their goals easier. 
  • Create a new professional and life balance with more clarity and purpose.


  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Coaching means partnership. During the coaching sessions, you’ll feel the presence of a trusted professional who’s always on your side.
  • No judgment and guilt. You will get your own feedback without being judged, assessed or imposed with guilt about something. You will have your time and space to explore a new perspective and to see things in different angles so that to integrate the best practice forward.
  • Receive your own best answers. Sessions are designed to help you derive authentic responses from deep down inside of you so that your next steps feel natural to you and become easily ingrained in your daily routines.

You can also see this article in my blog.

  • Certified NLP coach in the Academy of Leadership coaching and NLP, San Francisco, USA, ACTP program accredited by ICF (2014)
  • Certified practitioner of NLP Classic Code by ITA at Sofia NLP Center, Bulgaria, a certification signed by John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP (2014)
  • The Pulse of Coaching - Group mentoring program, at Mentor Coaches Sofia. (ICF, CCE program for gaining advanced level of coaching skills) (2015)
  • Certified Big Money Business Coach in San Diego, USA, by Future Force Ltd. (2017)
  • ACC coach, accredited by ICF Global (2017)
  • Coaching with system constellations (ICF, CCE Kim Leischner program) (2018)
  • Emotional intelligence (different schools).
  • Certifications in wellness (2013), international programs in Bulgaria. 
  • Master in Banking & Finance (1995), Sofia, University of National and International Economy.
  • 15 years of corporate experience prior to becoming a coach: I started as a Liquidity expert at a bank in 1996; then I joined EY as an Auditor for a year. I decided to go back to banking because I felt it was the right course for me. I started as an Internal auditor at Postbank, assessing the efficiency and risk in processes; 3 years later I grew up to chief expert in the project of reorganization and expansion of the bank's branches network, and rebranding of the old Postbank according to the requirements of the new owner EFG Eurobank. After the end of the project, I decided that it was time for me to fulfill my dream to be an investment analyst in lending and I joined Bulgarian American Credit Bank as an investment analyst, where I learned a lot about different businesses, investments, and leaders' challenges – you can find more about my business experience on LinkedIn: Ivet Pavlova
  • Additional qualifications in finance, investments, risk in banks, efficiency in organizations, auditing, leadership, productivity, positive communication, and others.
  • Personal interests: neuroscience and all sciences related to humans' wellbeing, different sports, music, art, ecology, technology, and innovations, traveling and others.
  • Small, Medium and Large Business owners, entrepreneurs, executive officers, and leaders in: IT sector, Marketing sector, Financial and Legal sector, Education, Pharmacy, Co-working spaces, Outsourcing, Tourism, Wellness & Beauty, Real estate investments and management, and other sectors in Bulgaria.
  • Coaches from the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Norway, Germany, Bulgaria, and Spain.

To whom it may concern:

With this letter, I’d like to express my positive feedback and deep gratitude for the work of Ivet Pavlova – NLP Business and Leadership Coach.

I started working with Ivet in January 2017 after having attended a one-day seminar where she had a presentation on productivity and work-life balance. I was deeply moved by Ivet’s presentation, the examples she used and the subtle message she conveyed to the audience, namely that it’s possible to live a balanced and happy life by uncovering one’s truest and most authentic self. At that point in my life, I was struggling with achieving sustainable growth in my business, while also experiencing stressful situations at home. I contacted Ivet for a first introductory session and I have been working with her since.

During the coaching process, Ivet helped me uncover some deeply ingrained thought patterns that I’ve been carrying since my early childhood. I was also put into imaginary situations where with the masterful questioning done by Ivet, I was able to see stressful situations in a new light and to solve problems with ease and joy.

Most importantly, I have realized that my own life is subject to modeling and refining by none other than myself. For the first time, I was able to shift my perspective on how I experience life. The stories that I’ve been telling myself started to dissipate slowly and I started to create new lines of thought and new, fresh perspectives for my future.

Ivet projects energy which is so subtle and humble, yet monumental in scale. Once you meet someone like her, you feel that this person is truly there to help you and that she’s able to swirl you into a vortex of greatness.

Her powerful coaching is rooted in her empathy and the pursuit of her mission to empower people to become their best selves and live their best lives. Her warmth and understanding, combined with a deep intuition in steering conversations in the right direction have made her one of the go-to persons for me whenever I face a challenging situation.

Since I started working with Ivet, I have recommended her to many of my friends who are business owners or are moving forward in the next phase of their career or family life. I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude for the transformation Ivet has helped me achieve and would be willing to share my experience with anyone seeking a recommendation for a coach.

You can contact me at angelina.penkova@gmail.com for more details.



Angelina Penkova

Owner of Marketing Consulting Agency comtrail.eu.

Co-owner of Customer Experience Consulting company Loyalty First

Co-owner of Thai Massage Studio thaimout.eu

And a person who is curious and excited about life 


For more information, please, write to me in the contact form “Contacts” or here: ivet@ivetpavlova.com