New Business Solutions & New Inspiration

At a time when we are witnessing unprecedented changes in the world,  it is very important to find different solutions, new approaches, opportunities, and clients. This is also the time to reconnect with our values, dreams, inner call, and to reconsider our path in life, our contribution to people and the environment in a way that we can live in an abundance and a sensation of fulfillment. 

As a professional business coach, I can help you achieve your business dreams. My programs are flexible according to your personal needs of support. Depending on your challenges I can help you to:

  • Free your heart from fears, anger and other negative feelings and emotions that stop you from living in abundance,
  • Investigate your challenges from different perspectives and to find new approaches,
  • Reconnect with your strengths, talents, values, and heart wishes,
  • Regain your inner balance, confidence, and inspiration,
  • Reconnect with your inner joy and love,
  • And find new, sustainable solutions for yourself, your business, people, and the environment.

Individual online coaching solutions for you:

New business solutions and a new perspective program

Depending on your challenges, this program will help you to:

  1. Develop a crystal-clear vision about what you want to achieve according to your values and your inner call.
  2. Find your personal approach to how to create it.
  3. Develop your talents, skills, and unique style.
  4. Find your healthy confidence in how to do it and your own way how to manage your environment so that to be supported by them as well.
  5. Be able to take proper actions in order to achieve your goals fast and in the most effective way.

The duration of this program is between 6 and 18 hours (or between 2 and 12 months), depending on your challenges.

I would love to support you in these challenging times. Till the end of June 2020, I offer my 1st session "New Horizons" for free! It includes: 

  • It is a 60 minutes special coaching session.
  • It DOES NOT oblige you to continue with the program, but IT CAN GIVE you new inspiration and first steps on how to move forward fast and with joy.
  • This is the way I can support you in these difficult times.

During this session you will find:

  • Your first answers on your challenges,
  • Your deep inner motivation to move in a direction that your heart is calling.
  • You will learn more about what stops you and how to overcome it.
  • You will find at least 1 new solution.
  • You will gain confidence and inspiration.

If you want to change something in your life and business and to create a better future for yourselves, the people you love and for your environment, stop worrying, and

Apply for a free coaching session here: "New Horizons"

For more information, contact me here.

Psychology of success, confidence, and emotional balance

Stress, fears, worries, and bad mood harm our health, our business decisions, as well as impact our relationship with people around us.  This could undermine our psychology for success and our confidence.  My recommendation is not to take action under such a kind of inner stress.

How can I offer support?  

1/ Having a 120-minutes coaching session "Emotional balance and fears release".

In this coaching session, I will help you:

  • reduce stress, release fears, negative feelings and emotions and to find your inner peace,
  • and to solve your challenges from the neutral position and calmness.

Up to the end of June 2020, this session is on promotion.

  • You can find more information about it here.

To register for a session "Emotional balance and fears release", contact me here.

2/ "Psychology of success, confidence, and emotional balance" program

Sometimes, the duration of the challenges that we experience could undermine our confidence and our mindset for success, which are very important if we want to fulfill our dreams.

In this program (between 6 to 18 hours depending on your challenges), I will help you:

  1. Regain your emotional balance, confidence, and positive energy.
  2. Find new inspiration and new solutions.
  3. Tune your psychology according to your new vision for your business and life.
  4. Take actions from the position of calmness and contribution for the people instead of the position of neediness and fear.
  5. Find a new way to communicate with people around you that will help you create the things you want with ease, joy, and mutual understanding.

This program will help you go out of the difficulties easier and faster, giving you a new push for future success!

For more information, contact me here!

Reorganization of the company and change management

If you find challenges while reorganizing your company, this program will help you

1/ Personally as a leader 

  •  To find the most effective way to execute the reorganization and to manage it while taking care of your people in the best possible way according to the circumstances.

The benefits:

  • You will create better relationships with your people,
  • and will find loyalty among your followers and clients.

My experience in risk & efficiency assessment of processes, reorganization, and business expansion developed further my intuition as a coach. 

2/ To support your leaders and talents

I have developed a special program "Partnership with large and medium companies during the period of COVID-19 challenges"

Its purpose is to help your people overcome all challenges they are currently facing. If you decide to support them, it will pay back to you, boosting employee engagement and loyalty.

You can learn about this program here

For more information, contact me here.

I am an ecologist at heart and I strongly believe that this is the direction we should follow now and in future if we want to enjoy the abundance in our lives and to keep abundance available for future generations as well.

If you want to

  • Make your business more ecological clean,
  • Or you want to contribute for improving the ecology in your environment on at the Earth,

You are not alone,

Together we can discuss your challenges and how to overcome them in order to fulfill your project in reality.

For a free conversation, please, contact me here.

All my individual coaching programs are flexible and respond to clients’ needs. That is why you will find a unique solution for your cases, you are going to solve your personal challenges and you will find your authentic empathic leadership approach to people. This will help you to be a ‘magnet’ for people, positive situations, and results.

Finding solutions is a process and it depends on your goals, challenges, and your willingness to look for solutions inside you.

How do we work?

  • We meet online or by phone.
  • Depending on your goals and your challenges to achieve them, the usual duration of our coaching partnership is between 2 and 12 months.
  • At the beginning of the program, you define what you want to achieve for the whole program.
  • Then, in each coaching session, we are going to set smaller goals for the session – step-by-step progress to the bigger goal.
  • I will choose suitable exercises to support you find your best solutions.
  • The results depend mostly on your readiness to look for answers inside you.
  • You will measure whether you have achieved your goal at the session and at the end of the program, and to what extent.
  • You will assess your satisfaction with our work together.

I will work in such a way that you will be happy to recommend me to other people!

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