Business & organizational coaching


I DO NOT instruct people how to do business or how to establish their organization.

I use the methodology of coaching, NLP, and systemic constellations to partner with the executive directors, leaders at different levels, managers of branches/offices, and business owners in finding their own best solutions for their projects.

My experience in business (15 years) and my personal experience as an entrepreneur (since the year 2011), as well as my experience as a coach (since the year 2014) have made me very intuitive, which adds more power to my coaching sessions. My clients implement their ideas and move towards their goals faster and with delight.

What is the most valuable thing for you in our partnership?

This is how Georgi Popovyanski, Executive director of NET INS Brokers, Bulgaria, answers the question: 

“Your questions are very valuable because they are objective, questions of a side observer. I am involved in my own situations and cannot always ask myself the right questions. In order to reach the right results we have to ask the right questions, something that you are doing as a coach.”

My special business coaching solutions for you:

1/ "A Special Space" program

  • This individual coaching program provides opportunities for the leaders to discuss their thoughts and cases with a trustworthy partner different from the team members.
  • This allows them to have a new unbiased view about the situation, to see beyond the evident, and from different perspectives.
  • The leaders get a fresh perspective and find new solutions. 

2/ "Revision" Program

  • Sometimes leaders need to assess or revise their vision and the vision of the organization, its strategy, values, efficiency, and needs, etc.

My huge business experience combined with my business & leadership coaching education, and experience as a coach in different industries, alongside with my strong analytic skills and highly developed intuition, help leaders find unexpectedly efficient solutions and new ways of doing things.

The results of working with me as a coach come quickly and become evident in everyday task performance.


The methodology follows complete confidentiality. The client investigates all his issues without giving business details. Our discussion brings unexpected results that give "green light" for further fruitful actions. 

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"Big vision" program

This is a special program for newly promoted leaders, small and medium business owners to design their vision and to implement it.

From my personal experience in business development and my experience with many leaders and entrepreneurs, I know that creating a big vision and implementing it could be tricky.

In this program I collaborate with newly promoted leaders and small business owner to:

  • Develop their big vision, to identify their values and their big priorities,
  • Create good strategy and plans, and take action;
  • Develop the psychology of success because at the start of our leadership career or small business, we often have internal saboteurs and beliefs, which create obstacle to achieving our desires; 
  • Establish new habits and skills, as they are very important in our personal growth process. As Einstein has said "We cannot find new solutions with the same way of doing things";
  • Manage emotions and environment because this is crucial for our success and our desire to follow our internal call and new path.
  • Overcome the obstacles during the process of growth.

My clients are so thankful for the support I have offered during their challenging periods. I, myself, am thankful to all my coaches, trainers, healers, and other supporters in my process of developing as a coach and entrepreneur. I have experienced full transformation personally going on a journey from an employee to an entrepreneur. In my practice with newly promoted leaders in companies, I have come across many similarities. This experience has helped me develop my coaching intuition and sensitivity. My clients says that I find the core of their problems very easily and we solve them very quickly. Some of them say that “I give them light", others say "there is life before Ivet and after Ivet".

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"New business solutions" - team coaching

In this program called "New business solutions", I support teams and team members in achieving their goals. Even when we have passed through many pieces of training in relation to our specific job, sometimes there are invisible forces that prevent us from achieving our goals.

In this program I work with people in teams:

  • for identifying what are their saboteurs
  • for overcoming them,
  • and connecting with the right recourses in order to find solutions beyond the evident.

Take a look what satisfied clients say here...

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Happy customers say:

“My sessions with Ivet disclosed one of the biggest obstacles to me and my business. Our talks helped me find a way to redirect my attention and powers to activities and people that have the most favorable effect on me and my personal and business development. Ivet has always been helpful and flexible with me and my experience during the sessions. After every session, I was filled with fresh ideas and specific steps for reaching my goals, which I could undertake immediately. Simeon, Software engineer, entrepreneur

“Ivet has very calm and positive style of coaching. She listens very closely and provides the space to explore your thoughts. She utilises models well and manages the coaching process very effectively. We achieved our goals in each session. I learned a lot around my own personal meaning in the work that I do. I achieved clarity on the direction of my coaching business and preferred clientele. I developed a great deal of respect for Ivet’s ability to coach in her second language. She was both engaged and committed to our coaching programme. She invested herself into my personal growth and supported me in achieving my goals for the programme. Her style and use of models is effective and I would recommend her as a coach to anyone in transition or aspiring to make a change.” Timothy Marth, Entrepreneur and coach, UK

“I had a conflict situation in my business. During the first session with Ivet, I had that growing feeling that there was somebody to support me and somebody I could trust entirely. There was no judgment, there was complete confidentiality. When Ivet was asking questions I realized that the answer was in me and that I knew what was right. My work with Ivet gave me the courage to accept the change and to make a step forward in a new direction. I was feeling elated and confident. I am happy that I have worked with her!” Teodora Muraveeva, Golden Director in Oriflame Cosmetics 

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