Scale-Up business owners and team leaders coaching

The fast growth of businesses may challenge their owners and people in their team in many different ways. Here are some examples:

  • Do you lose your efficiency and inspiration because of conflicts, anger, and negative emotions? Do you want to solve hot discussions in a calmer way?
  • Do you fear not entering into the approach “I am the Boss here” in a contradiction to your friendly attitude to people and situations?
  • Do you feel as if your confidence is shaken wishing to regain your inner balance and optimistic approach that help you solve problems with ease? Maybe you also have emotional feeding that you want to stop?
  • Do you have enough time for your family, for recharging yourself and doing a reflection on what is going on?
  • Or maybe you feel as if you are rotating in one place unable to move forward to the next business challenges?

If you experience some of these difficulties, you are not alone in this.

I can help you emerge from your difficult situations and elevate your business and life with more joy, love, and happiness, creating a positive environment where people blossom.

In a coaching partnership with me, you will find

  • A trustworthy partner with an unbiased point of view, huge business and coaching experience to support you.
  • Together we will create a special individual coaching program for you according to your specific needs.

You can also see below how I can support your newly promoted leaders and team members to grow together with you and “speak one language” with you.

Individual online leadership coaching solutions:

  • If you have conflicts with some of the partners in your company, raising hot discussions, that you want to be solved in a calmer way,
  • If you get angry with some people and your anger takes your focus away stealing from your most productive time,
  • If you want to be able to calm down easily and to continue with your priorities with joy,
  • If you want to regain your confidence and be able to stand up for your opinion with inner balance and peace,

In this program I will help you:

  1. Investigate your challenges from different perspectives and find a new approach to them.
  2. Stop losing time coping with your emotions. You will regain your confidence and emotional balance, gain more time for your goals, yourself and the people you love.
  3. Find your own way to solve conflicts in a calm way, giving your arguments and standing for your position with confidence and a positive presence.
  4. Heal the triggers that cause you emotional feeding. You will have a fast change in your habits.
  5. Find your own way to manage your focus, mood, regain your positive energy and inspiration, increasing your personal effectiveness in times

You will have fast and lasting results.

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Becoming an inspiring leader is a very personal process. Usually, it requires letting go of control, willingness to create specific discipline, thinking that you know better than others, and willingness to defend your position. But these are very strong energies that are not so easy to change.

In this program I will help you:

  • Change your energy and let go of what does not serve you well as a leader. We will work on your specific challenges.
  • Create an authentic inspiring and empathic leadership style instead, and remain decisive when the situation requires strong will and fast actions in critical situations.

What will be the benefits for you and the people in your team, your clients, and the company as a whole, here is what some of my clients shared with me about their results. You could have such results as well and more:

  • "Ivet, thank you so much! Everyone works on max, everyone cooperates, work goes well and we will meet our deadlines!"
  • “Now I hear better what the other person wants to say, and I can gather a lot more information. It’s like people open up more to communicate.”
  • “The tension is dropping and I can communicate freely.” “I feel light and inspiration.”
  • “It’s interesting to monitor how by changing my approach people no longer react in the same way.”
  • “A sharp change happened in my relationship at work and at home. Now everything happens peacefully and calm. Work goes without unnecessary emotions, and there are more smiles and understanding at home.”

So, for me the benefits of developing empathic leadership and communication style are:

  • Opening up to cooperation, inspiration, ease, and joy in work, gaining followers and loyal employees who are inspired to support you in achieving your goals.

Do you need to discuss your challenges with a trustworthy person different from your team members and co-partners?

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Sometimes, after a good preparation, the business starts growing so fast that we cannot handle all situations. My advice in such moments is to stop and to look inside you. Your solutions are inside you and I can help you find them fast. How?

In this program with my coaching questions, enhanced by my experience and strong intuition you will

  • find new solutions,
  • develop new skills and habits,
  • overcome what holds you back,
  • find your own way of managing business growth and your life balance,
  • growing from inside to the next level that your business requires for you.

Yes, when the business is growing fast, it requires from you fast growth as a leader. And I can help you do it fast in order to respond well to the fast-growing environment and expectations from the others.

You will become a confident, calm, and inspiring leader for your team and clients, your family, and your friends.

We are going to create your personal program together according to your needs.

I will NOT give you standard tools. My strength as a coach is to investigate your personal needs for support and provide you with the resources that will work best for you.

Do you need to discuss your challenges with a trustworthy person different from your team members and co-partners?

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In this program I will support your Newly promoted leaders to develop as inspiring leaders for their teams, by helping them:

  1. Create their vision about what kind of leader they would like to be and I will help them find their authentic inspiring approach to people.
  2. Find their deeper motivation for development as a leader, their values, and the contribution they would like to give.
  3. Tune their psychology in accordance with their new leadership vision.
  4. Improve their empathic skills, communication, and leadership style.
  5. Find their way how to stimulate support and cooperation in the team.
  6. Find their best way of giving and receiving feedback in a way that provokes growth.
  7. Prioritize their tasks, how to organize the work, and how to delegate tasks.
  8. Building healthy confidence as a leader, gaining respect in a natural and positive way.
  9. I can help them to prepare for important meetings, difficult conversations, networking events, and other activities or just to gain confidence in presentations if they feel stuck in any of these areas.
  10. Improve their negotiation skills and confidence in the sale process, if they are involved in the company’s sales.   

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To support your teams in developing an empathic company culture and to support them communicate easier and with joy (which will help them improve their effectiveness and cooperation), I have developed 2 special trainigs that people love. These are:

1. Online training "Developing empathic communication skills" - find more information here.

2. Live training "Communicating with ease and with joy" - more information will be available soon.

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  • This is an individual online coaching process for business leaders in partnership with me providing you with special time and confidential virtual space to support you as a leader to emerge from difficult situations in business and life, and unlock your new potential.
  • As a coach, based on a discussion between us, I will provide you with the proper tools for solving your specific challenges and finding solutions. You will provide the content. 
  • The results depend on your willingness to participate. You will measure the results after each coaching session. All results can be measured, even the emotional ones.
  • We will meet online 2 or 4 times a month, depending on your time and needs for coaching. 
  • The duration of the process depends on your personal needs for transformation, finding new solutions, and growing. Sometimes it takes a month, other times it takes 3, 6 or 9 months, depending on your challenges and desire to grow.

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