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I help leaders improve their leadership style by enhancing their healthy empathic skills. I help people in their teams reduce stress and improve the way they communicate with each other, their effectiveness, and to achieve their goals with ease.

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People follow leaders, consciously, or subconsciously. One thing is sure – they set the culture in the organization.

Leaders could carry light, trust, and inspiration for something positive, for giving contribution and mutual understanding, or they can lead through fears and inner conflicts.

Sometimes we try to stay in the light but pressed by the daily tasks and strive for achievements, we can create unhealthy tensions instead. Usually, it is because of our inner stress and willingness to prove ourselves, willingness to be heard, to feel we are important as leaders. Sometimes, it’s our willingness to control someone or the situation and to set specifics the way we think they should be. And we become angry when we cannot make other people do what we want, the way we want it. So we enter a vicious circle and we lose the light inside us.

  • How can we gain respect by having an empathic approach in our leadership style?
  • Where is the boundary between the friendly attitude and the need to have work done on time and with good quality?
  • How can we create trust and inspire people, instead of stressing them and be angry at them?
  • How could we communicate new things and bad news using the empathic approach?
  • How can we regain our inner peace and develop healthy empathic skills?

What are the benefits for you and your company?

  • Raising the wellness level of the people in the organization by creating a positive environment where people blossom and love to work.
  • Creating motivated and loyal employees who look for new opportunities for the company and will do their best to support the company in difficult times.
  • Creating a positive employer branding where people dream to work.

Individual online coaching solutions for you:

In this program I will help you:

  1. Understand better people in your team and people at home.
  2. Be able to create trust. This will help you lead open conversations and you will learn how to cope timely with challenges.
  3. Be able to hear your people better find a new approach to motivate and to inspire them.
  4. Find your unique way to build healthy boundaries between a friendly attitude and the need to require work to be done on time and with high quality.
  5. Find your way how to support your people and to show understanding without getting emotionally involved in their situation, leading to stress reduction for both of you.
  6. How to lead conversations from the neutral emotional position.
  7. How to manage your mood and to create openness in others, instead of trying to explicitly control the situation.
  8. Find your authentic way of motivation, support, and cooperation with people in your team.

Our sessions will support you to create a healthy environment where people give their best and you will rely on loyal employees even in difficult times.

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In this program, I will help you to:

  • Develop a strategy for creating an empathic company culture.
  • Find out how to implement such a culture – what kind of trainings your people need and how to motivate them to keep it.

Why is this important?  

There are many studies on team effectiveness. I will give one example here:

This is the “Aristotel” project done by Google.  It is a study about what makes a team effective.

The result of the study shows that what really matters is not the qualifications of the team members, rather how the team works together.  It turns out that the most important factor is ‘safety’:   that is, whether people feel that they are in a “safe place” and they can risk being vulnerable in the eyes of others, so that:

  • People feel that they are not ignored, pointed at as incompetent,  negative, or that they don’t accept another opinion, etc.
  • They know that nobody will sabotage their work with a purpose,  they will not be “punished” with a negative attitude or in another way if they have found out someone’s mistake, asked a question, or proposed an idea.
  • They have a sensation for support and compassion by people in the team and by their leader.

The creation of such an environment needs emotional intelligence, whose roots lie in the empathic abilities of people.

We, as humans, can lose our empathic abilities because of different reasons.

In my programs, we work for the recovery of empathy in a healthy way, by learning:

  • How not to involve in the emotions of others but at the same time to stay open and supportive for them.
  • How to improve their empathic skills on a verbal and nonverbal level, and to open for cooperation and support.

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In this program I will help you:

  1. Create your vision about what kind of leader you would like to be and find your authentic inspiring approach to people.
  2. Find your deeper motivation for development as a leader, your values and the contribution you would like to give.
  3. ‘Tune’ your psychology in accordance with your new leadership vision.
  4. Improve your empathic skills, communication, your natural leadership style, and how to switch from one style to another in the proper moments.
  5. Find your way how to stimulate support and cooperation in your team.
  6. Find your best way of giving and receiving feedback in a way that provokes growth.
  7. Prioritize your tasks, how to organize the work, and how to delegate tasks.
  8. Building healthy confidence as a leader, gaining respect in a natural and positive way.
  9. I will help you to prepare for important meetings, difficult conversations, networking events, and other activities or just confidence in presentations if you feel stuck in it.
  10. In case you have some problems in negotiating a good price for your services or you have problems with managing the cash flow, or with taking money from people or some other problems related to money management, I can help you with these challenges. Quite often, it is a belief that people need to cope with or some other inner sabotage that they do unconsciously that I can help you release it with ease.

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  • Does it happen to you that somebody’s behavior or habits often make you angry and the emotions that you experience in these cases take your focus away from your task for half an hour,  an hour, or sometimes even more, and ‘steal’ from your most productive time?
  • Maybe you often provoke conflicts at work or at home, or somebody else provokes them, and you want to quit this unhealthy behavior?
  • Does it happen from time to time that someone raises your negative emotions in a way that you feel as if you need to “punish” them for something?
  • Maybe sometimes you feel as if nobody listens to you and doesn’t want to take under consideration your opinion, and that makes you crazy?
  • Or it is difficult for you to focus, you have emotional ‘food cravings’ and you often eat sweets? And maybe you would like to stop doing that?
  • Sometimes you cannot understand why you don’t give yourself time for sports although you know it will help you be more productive? But you try to be of service to everyone at work and at home?
  • Or maybe there is something else?

No matter the emotional case, the best leaders can manage their mood and those of other people easily and with empathy, stay balanced, and with an authentic radiance of confidence and positive presence. I can help you build it in yourself and achieve fast and effective results!

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  • Sometimes we have to do serious changes, as the situation with the COVID-19 pushed us. Even when the situations are not so dramatic, people usually don’t like changes and resist them.
  • Other times, leaders feel uneasy about the changes they have to do.

If you face such kind of challenges, my program will help you:

  • Find your inner balance and neutral emotional state in order to be able to lead the change and communication in a calm, confident, and empathic way.
  • Prepare for these conversations, tune your leadership style accordingly for the situation, and find your new way for effective empathic communication.

This way you will keep your talents, as well as build loyalty and motivation in people to support you.

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All my individual coaching programs are flexible and respond to clients’ needs. That is why you will find a unique solution for your cases, you are going to solve your personal challenges and you will find your authentic empathic leadership approach to people. This will help you to be a ‘magnet’ for people, positive situations, and results.

Finding solutions is a process and it depends on your goals, challenges, and your willingness to look for solutions inside you.

How do we work?

  • We meet online or by phone.
  • Depending on your goals and your challenges to achieve them, the usual duration of our coaching partnership is between 2 and 12 months.
  • At the beginning of the program, you define what you want to achieve for the whole program.
  • Then, in each coaching session, we are going to set smaller goals for the session – step-by-step progress to the bigger goal.
  • I will choose suitable exercises to support you find your best solutions.
  • The results depend mostly on your readiness to look for answers inside you.
  • You will measure whether you have achieved your goal at the session and at the end of the program, and to what extent.
  • You will assess your satisfaction with our work together.

I will work in such a way that you will be happy to recommend me to other people!

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