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If you are a business owner of a Scale-up company, or if you want to scale up, and you feel as if you are rotating in one place, if you feel as if you are in a difficult situation that shakes your confidence, raising lots of hot discussions with your business partners that brings too many negative emotions, if you have lost your inspiration due to the daily stress and problems, you can find a holistic solution with me that can help you and people in your team to pass through scale-up phase smoothly and supported.

Based on my experience as an auditor, investment analyst, and business expansion and reorganization expert, I know that many business projects could fail during the scale-up phase. The risk is higher because this is a turbulent phase that has a lot of difficult moments and uncertainties (especially if the company uses loans) raising different kinds of emotions and conflicts that increase the tension, hence the risk because when we make decisions under stress, the risk of making wrong decisions is higher.

The success of each project depends on the leader. Good leaders support their people but who does support them in difficult situations?

That is one of the reasons I became an NLP & Somatic coach and trainer years ago.

I support business leaders to emerge from difficult situations and develop their business and life with love and empathy, creating a positive environment where people blossom.

Based on my 25+ experience and knowledge I have created a holistic approach for solving challenges in business and life because I believe that business, leadership, and life balance are interdependent. We need to develop them together during the process of emerging from difficult situations and to keep our health, energy, inspiration, and fulfillment, in balance and at a high level, currently and in the long term. This is the way we can give our best to others.

Coaching solutions for Scale-up business owners and people in their teams

With the company’s growth leaders need to grow up as leaders too in order to match the new requirements of the fast-growing teams, client base, and the challenges they need to solve. Usually, they also need help to improve their work-life balance because the stress of the fast growth can harm their personal life and self-care considerably (You can see my program "Business Growth & Life Balance for Scale-up Business Owners").

Here are some examples how I can support you. We will create your program according to your specific needs.

  1. To see the big picture and to keep it in focus. – Due to emotional attachments business owners/leaders sometimes cannot see the big picture. They have many ideas but because of the daily problems and the huge number of details, they may lose the big picture. - Using my NLP and somatic coaching skills I help business leaders release their emotional attachments, look at the situations from above and from a different perspective, connect with the wholeness, the biggest thing they create, and find new clarity on how to proceed ahead, what kind of actions to take for their business and people in their teams.
  2. Applying academic knowledge in action. – Often, the leaders of fast-growing companies had studied a lot but it could come a time when they wonder how to implement their knowledge. They could face self-doubts and lack of confidence due to the huge uncertainty of this business phase. – With the coaching exercise we do, they reconnect with their inner wisdom and take their knowledge out in the best possible way, which helps them reduce the possibility of mistakes that could cost a lot. Together we find additional resources for them, opening their full potential as leaders.
  3. From a boss to a leader. – Usually, business founders have lots of ideas, but growing their business often they need to grow in their understanding of how to lead people, how to find a balance between numbers and people, how to make a healthy distance when the company is growing, how to remain empathic but decisive enough when needed. As one of my clients says “I needed to do evolution in my thinking together with the growth of my company, something that we did together with you.” – The combination of business, leadership, and life balance coaching that I have integrated into a holistic approach for solving challenges in business helps my client get what they need very fast. During the coaching process with me, leaders connect with their inner wisdom, find their new approaches, grow up in their thinking, actions, and behavior, and find new solutions beyond the obvious.
  4. Solving conflicts with business partners. – With the company’s growth tension among people grows up as well. Confrontations between different points of view happen more often. How the leaders cope with their feelings and emotions has a direct effect on their personal effectiveness, the work they do, and the relationship with people in their teams. This has a direct effect on peoples’ effectiveness and the financial results of the company. – With my NLP and somatic coaching skills, I help leaders manage their emotional responses and reduce their intensity from 3 days to 1 minute per day, and let go of their emotions with ease when they feel irritated by someone (as one of my clients says). Working with me leaders improve their personal effectiveness at times, they find new approaches for conflict management and start handling conflict situations with calmness and confidence. My clients share that this also helped them grow up in taking executive decisions that are not so comfortable.
  5. Delegating part of the old responsibilities to other people in the team – the transition from the role of a leader to a small business into a leader of a fast-growing company requires you to leave some of your old responsibilities to other people. Often, we hold the old things due to emotional and energetic attachments to the old. – Working with me leaders find their own way how to free themselves from what doesn’t serve them well, how delegate to others and reorganize their personal roles and behavior according to the new needs of their growing organization.
  6. Stress release and active listening. – The bigger company provokes more daily tension in the decision-making process. The tension narrows the thinking and openness to other people. It closes the access to intuition and the possibility to receive from others. This impact the daily conversations, relationships with people, and the quality of the information that leaders could receive. – As a coach, I help leaders release stress, open to other people with natural curiosity, find their own way haw to be present for others, and how to become a good listeners. They find their authentic way how predisposing others in the conversations. The benefit for them is that they start extracting much more intellectual, factual, and emotional information from other people that is important for their business and the decision-making process. They create more trust and better relationships with others. Leaders calm down and start seeing the bigger picture in the daily processes much easier. This increases the possibilities for making better daily management decisions.

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Work-life balance should be considered seriously. Burning in their ideas, leaders of start-up and fast-growing companies can easily ignore their personal needs and the needs of their families. In long term, it has a negative effect on their health, energy, and inspiration.

My business, leadership, and life balance knowledge and experience together with my NLP and somatic coaching skills will support you to create your best business growth and life balance solutions fast.

  • Improving personal effectiveness and your private life –– Do you bring your work at home? Can you be present for the people you love? Do you sleep well or are you constantly thinking about your business problems? Can you keep your focus and attention while you are in the office? Do you enjoy the relationship with people you love or you are tired most of the time? – Working with me leaders find how to cope with all these challenges. They restore their good sleep. They put healthy boundaries between their work and their private life, they find a new way how to take care of themselves, they improve their focus and energy, and learn how to remain present in the current moment in business and at home as well. They improve the way they communicate with others and everything starts arranged with ease.
  • Emotional eating. – It is often met problem for business leaders and not only. But it is also a very important topic to be solved along the path of success. Why? Because the food we take has a direct effect on our energy during the day, our health, and our emotional state. Food can lead us to slow exhaustion, depression, or even illness or it can recharge us, support us, it can improve our health, and give us a sensation of happiness. The reasons for emotional eating could be different, but more often they come due to worries in our business and at home. – With my NLP and somatic coaching skills, I help people solve these challenges fast and create new habits for healthy and balanced eating. The results have a lasting effect. (Eating disorders are not included in these sessions.)
  • Personal time for sport and meditations. –Neuroscience has proven that if we practice some sport regularly, we become more efficient, more energized, more inspiring, better thinkers, healthier, more empathic, better communicators, and even smarter because we develop new neuron connections and we reduce stress. Meditations help us for improving self-awareness which is very important for successful leaders. They bring relaxation to our neuro system and help us to reconnect with our inner wisdom. If you practicе sport and meditation regularly you are going to improve your personal effectiveness considerably. - And I can help you reconsider your priorities, change your habits, overcome the “gravity” and develop new daily routines that will serve you better for achieving your business and life balance goals together. I can also teach you some guided meditations for entering a calm inner state that you can start practicing alone as this is the best place for finding new solutions when you need them.

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Often the best experts in the team are promoted to a leadership position but at the same time, they continue to do many of the daily routines that they used to do in the previous position. Growing in the hierarchy from expert to leader requires inner growth, new skills, new behavior, reactions, attitude, and effectiveness. For developing all these elements, we work together in my coaching program “First-time manager/leader”.

By including your new leaders in this program, the senior management can show them that they care about them and wants to support them in their career path. Their personal program will be created after a strategy coaching session with me and a definition of the goals they have to achieve.

Sample program:

  1. To learn how to see the big picture – one of the things new leaders usually miss is seeing the big picture. – We are going to work on how to see it and learn how to keep it in their daily routines.
  2. Personal effectiveness – Having long lists with tasks they bounce in multitasking with different topics which makes them inefficient. That is why they often work till late and during the weekends. This creates lots of tension and an irritational attitude due to chronic fatigue. But how long they could continue like this and how does this impact people in their team? – Working with me they release all the tension generated from their daily routines and redefine their priorities, they find an individual approach for distribution of tasks and time, they learn how to manage their emotions and have an objective assessment of their own limits so that not to take more tasks than they can actually do and to start delegating properly. And they restore their work-life balance which is very important for keeping their health and energy on high levels in long term.
  3. Delegating is part of the new leaders’ effectiveness. As they used to be the best in their professional area, they have problems trusting others and releasing control because they often are perfectionists. This “eats” from their time for teaching and mentoring people in their teams and they lose time in reviewing the quality of the work of their team members. – how to delegate and reduce the control, but monitor the quality of the work done in parallel, how to teach their people and inspire them in order to focus on the biggest picture and their new role in the organization, this is something that we work out very easy in our coaching sessions.
  4. Building healthy boundaries with the people in the team – as an ex-team member growing up in the company’s hierarchy, usually, the new leaders don’t know how to put a proper distance and remain in a friendly relationship with the people with whom they have been on one and the same hierarchy level before that. They have fears about how people perceive them and how to build new respect. – Working with me as a coach they find their new authentic style and authority, combining it with empathy and a friendly attitude in such a way that they step into their new role with ease.
  5. Being supportive and inspiring to the people in their teams –Usually, being excellent experts in the previous position, the new leaders’ expectations toward people in their teams are very high. And if their expectations are not met on a regular basis emotional tension is raising inside the leader which can manifest as impatience and irritable attitude. This increases the tension in the team additionally and the possibility of making mistakes that can cost a lot. The other problems are how to balance between keeping a friendly and supportive attitude, and requiring work to be done on time, how to gain the proper respect for their new position, and be inspiring as a leader – Working with me they find their unique approach how to cope with their emotions, what to change their approach, how to support and educate people creating more trust, inspiration and effectiveness in the team, and they grow up as leaders that people love and can rely on.
  6. Giving and receiving feedback – How new leaders give feedback is very important for improving the performance of people in their team and creating a positive environment where people blossom. It is also very important how leaders receive feedback for their growth as leaders. Sometimes they have what to transform in both directions – This is something that we work out in our coaching sessions with ease.
  7. Daily team meetings and inspiration – are very important not only for monitoring the processes and results but also to create an atmosphere of cooperation and inspiration. How the day starts is very important and the tone is given by the leader. Often the new leaders experience some inner blocks at these meetings and the meetings are boring and difficult; hence the daily working process goes without inspiration, and the results are just fine or enough. –in our coaching sessions, leaders find a new approach for connecting with people and how to create an atmosphere of trust, joy, inspiration, and cooperation that improves the results considerably.
  8. Improving the cooperation with the team leaders of the other departments – for the new leaders, it is difficult to defend the interests of the people in their team just because they are not used to doing it and they don’t know how and to what extent to do it. How they work with the people from the other teams is very important for the effectiveness and meeting the deadlines without working overtime and during the weekends. – In our coaching sessions, the new leaders improve the way they communicate with the leaders of the other teams and restore the normal working process that is suitable for both parties.
  9. Preparation for important meetings, presentations, networking, and other events – due to the high level of importance of these events, very often the new leaders experience big levels of stress. These worries block them instead of supporting them, and the results are just average. – Working with me as a coach, I help people release their stress and worries before important meetings, presentations, networking, and other events, find new approaches, and connect with the inspiration and easiness, which help them give and get the maximum benefit for the company.

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This program is for people who work for the company for a year and more but cannot cope according to their manager’s expectations or they experience huge stress like they often cry especially if they receive feedback when they make a mistake, or they worry too much, etc.  They often work overtime to complete their tasks because their emotional state during the day has impacted their efficiency. They often do mistakes or cannot achieve their goals, or they experience difficulties to cope with difficult clients which impacts the service.  

  • Working with me these people become stronger, more confident, and calmer in communication with the team members and leaders. They find a new approach to working with difficult clients. They become more decisive in their actions and much more efficient.
  • Depending on the duration of our work together and the willingness of the company to invest in them from underperformers they become a good performer or an excellent performer.
  • The program is transformational and the results have a lasting effect.

The benefit for the company

The company will save huge time and expenses for finding new people, teaching them, and waiting for their first results. The underperformer will improve their performance in times for a very short period of time which will impact positively the company’s business.

Package “From underperformer to a good performer” – includes from 4 to 8 hours of coaching. For some employees, 4 hours could be enough. But others could need more. How many coaching hours a person may need will be estimated approximately at our first strategy meeting with the person that will be coached.

Package “From underperformer to an excellent performer” – it includes from 6 to 12 hours of coaching. More often about 12 hours. How many coaching hours a person may need will be estimated approximately at our first strategy meeting with the person that will be coached.

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To support your teams in developing an empathic company culture and to support them communicate easier and with joy (which will help them improve their effectiveness and cooperation), I have developed 2 special trainigs that people love. These are:

1. Online training "Developing empathic communication skills" - find more information here.

2. Live training "Communicating with ease and with joy" - more information will be available soon.

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  • This is an individual online coaching process for business leaders in partnership with me providing you with special time and confidential virtual space to support you as a leader to emerge from difficult situations in business and life, and unlock your new potential.
  • As a coach, based on a discussion between us, I will provide you with the proper tools for solving your specific challenges and finding solutions. You will provide the content. 
  • The results depend on your willingness to participate. You will measure the results after each coaching session. All results can be measured, even the emotional ones.
  • We will meet online 2 or 4 times a month, depending on your time and needs for coaching. 
  • The duration of the process depends on your personal needs for transformation, finding new solutions, and growing. Sometimes it takes a month, other times it takes 3, 6 or 9 months, depending on your challenges and desire to grow.

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