“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lenon And, yes, John’s wisdom proved to be right for me again. I intended to do “The week of the confidence” as a one-week event, but life put me in a situation to do it like a whole month event. (You can […]

Yesterday I have started a series of discussions about challenges in business, leadership, and life balance.  This week is the week of CONFIDENCE. If you have missed my yesterday’s post, please review it before reading this article: The most important thing is to choose 1 topic in 1 area (business, leadership, or life balance) […]

Today I start a series of discussions about challenges in business, leadership, and life balance.  Its purpose is to help more people who are in a difficult situation to emerge from it and develop their business and life with more joy, love, and happiness. I chose to start with CONFIDENCE because it is crucial for […]

Have you started your own business recently? Even if you are 2-3 years of experience in entrepreneurship, you are at the beginning stage and most probably you have already faced some challenges.  If yes, read this article. It may help you find some insights. I will start with this: as a new entrepreneur, you need […]

In this article, we shall discuss the meaning behind “Money is love”. You will also have the opportunity to dig deeper into what to change in order to be able to earn more money and to have financial freedom. So, why exactly “Money is love”… If you have studied the history of money, you probably […]

Hello, dear people, let me introduce myself to you and tell you why I am going to talk about this topic and why I think it is important. I am Ivet Pavlova. Since 2014 I have partnered as a coach with entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business owners, start-up business owners and their teams, leaders, and […]

Coming soon in English. Currently, available only in Bulgarian.

We are what we are because of our past. We can choose to change something inside us, which does not serve us well anymore – it could be an old habit, an old belief or something else, that protects us from being a better person or being better in our job.  And we can replace […]

I have always appreciated simple things in life, but currently, I do appreciate them even more 🙂 to enjoy the green and the flowers, to feel the sun and the wind on your face and in the hair, to smell the spring. The Lord has given us senses and this makes our life beautiful and […]

The first advice I received from my colleagues in the lending division of Bulgarian American Credit Bank years ago after I started to work there as an investment analyst, was: “Look what kind of person is the leader/entrepreneur. The project could be perfect, but if the person does not have good managing skills, the project […]