It is December, Christmas time. This is the most intensive period of the year, at least in Bulgaria. People usually try to complete everything that was not completed during the year. And it seems as if December is the end of the world. And in the same time, preparation for Christmas is the other activity […]

“People who never do actions only they don’t receive criticism,” one of my mentors said once. And it was a game-changing phrase for me. Since then, I stopped feeling pain when I receive criticism. Usually, we all use criticism in our daily life. Probably very few people are able to give constructive and positive feedback […]

Giving and receiving feedback We grow and improve by receiving feedback. It is very important if we want to develop in business and life. We can’t improve without it. Sometimes we give feedback to ourselves by monitoring others, other times we receive feedback from them. But it often happens that people experience pain from receiving […]

Having long lists of tasks, the new leaders usually multitask with different topics which makes them inefficient. That is why they often work till late and during the weekends. This creates lots of tension and an irritational attitude due to chronic fatigue. If you are one of these leaders, what do you think, How long […]

Practicing self-love is important in business and life especially if we have to make a decision about some action that we have to take or what to do in particular situations in order to feel fulfilled and to have better results. – How do you practice self-love in such moments? Here are some tips from […]

This is the 4th article of the consequence of the article related to confidence that I started in May 2022. Today we are closing this topic by talking about emotions and their relationship with confidence and how to manage them together. But before that let’s remember what we have covered up to now: In the […]

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lenon And, yes, John’s wisdom proved to be right for me again. I intended to do “The week of the confidence” as a one-week event, but life put me in a situation to do it like a whole month event. (You can […]

Yesterday I have started a series of discussions about challenges in business, leadership, and life balance.  This week is the week of CONFIDENCE. If you have missed my yesterday’s post, please review it before reading this article: The most important thing is to choose 1 topic in 1 area (business, leadership, or life balance) […]

Today I start a series of discussions about challenges in business, leadership, and life balance.  Its purpose is to help more people who are in a difficult situation to emerge from it and develop their businesses and life with more joy, love, and happiness. I chose to start with CONFIDENCE because it is crucial for […]

Have you started your own business recently? Even if you are 2-3 years of experience in entrepreneurship, you are at the beginning stage and most probably you have already faced some challenges.  If yes, read this article. It may help you find some insights. I will start with this: as a new entrepreneur, you need […]