My vocation is to collaborate with business leaders and their teams on resolving business, leadership, and personal challenges faster and with ease, to reduce stress, to improve their collaboration and communication with people, to achieve their goals with inspiration while leading a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

My programs and trainings are personalized, deeply transformational, and result-oriented, taking into consideration the well-being of my clients, their professional goals, and all the surrounding aspects of the environment they live in.

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Current campaigns

Partnership with large and medium companies during the period of COVID-19 challenges

A special program supporting leaders and talents of big and medium companies during these stressful times. I can help during the period of the home office and after returning to the usual working process by reducing stress, improving people’s personal effectiveness, communication, and collaboration, hence performance…

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Support for micro and small business during the period of COVID-19 challenges

If you are facing business or personal challenges because of COVID-19 pandemic, I can support you with two special coaching sessions:
1. A free online coaching session “New horizons” and
2. A promotional online coaching session “Emotional balance and freedom from fears”
The program is active until the end of June 2020.

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Products for YOU

New Business Solutions & New Inspiration

New business solutions and new perspective, developing psychology for success, finding new inspiration, confidence and emotional balance, reorganization of the company and change management.

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New age leaders & talents’ development

Developing an empathic approach in your leadership style and as a company's culture, improving leadership skills, emotional balance, and effectiveness, change management and communication.

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Life Balance, Inspiration & Communication

Stress reduction, confidence and personal effectiveness, improving your life balance, connection with inner joy, finding new inspiration, improvement of communication with people at work and at home

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Upcoming Events

The empathic approach is a key for retaining talents

Empathy is a key for retaining talents especially in difficult times for the organization.
How to develop an empathic approach in your leadership style and in the company’s culture?
What are the benefits of this?
How to carry on an empathic conversation?
Coming soon …

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Workshop “The Empathic Approach in Leadership”

Join us on this super interesting free event about “The Empathic approach in the leadership” on February 11, 2020. It is for leaders and entrepreneurs who love to study new things and believe that improving their leadership style will help their business growth and talent attraction.
You can learn more here …

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Test for personal productivity

This test of eight questions is anonymous and free. It can help you assess your personal feelings about your productivity at the present moment. The test can give you some insights about what you need improve in order to achieve better results in your business and have more time for yourself and your family.

Do not take into account what other people think of you and test yourself now!

Advantages to work with me

Happy customers say...

Ivet opened my eyes in so many ways while working with me as my business coach! I was able to gain some very important insights that otherwise I would not have found… After working with Ivet, I was courages enough to quit my old job and to go on the journey of doing what I really want to do! She showed me that every part of me was ready to do that even the “critical me”and through her questions I realized that there was nothing in my old job holding me back.
Thanks Ivet, for taking me on this journey and being there!

Ute (Uli) DukeSustainable Business Coach at PassionAct - For healthy organizations and sustainability inside out!Germany

I contacted Ivet for business coaching because I was doubtful in my choice for professional development. It was during the first sessions that Ivet made me realize that professional development was going hand in hand with personal development and the setting of priorities. Our conversations shifted to personal fears, family relationships, and emotional balance. I gained clarity of vision, changed my way of thinking, and realized that most of the problems could be solved through awareness. Working on my personal fears and relationships, I changed my way of thinking regarding my business. This affected my motivation, goals, and I hope the long-term results. Daily stress was reduced as a consequence, and I feel calm that I am doing the right thing. I was eagerly expecting every session because I knew that it would be another step to knowing myself. I did not know much about coaching but my sessions with Ivet contributed to my positive thoughts about this service. For sure, I would recomme…

Alessya Ivanova, Graphic designer, Bulgaria

I had several questions, answers of which was not easy to find:

  • What should I change so my work to go in the right direction?
  • How to improve my communication with the outside world?
  • How to improve the control of my life?

I have been looking for help from different specialists – doctors and psychologists, but answers which I got were standard and not helpful.

I was surprised when I started to participate in Ivet’s sessions that all answers were hidden inside me and by following her unique approach I got exactly what I needed. It helped me to become quite calm and more self-confident and to understand I was not a part of the problem, I was a part of the solution. That was not the only positive result, I also became more focused on important things at work, stopped to react emotionally which improved my communication with colleagues and managers and I became much more efficient in my daily routine tasks.

D.T. Software developer & team leader, Bulgaria

I highly recommend Ivet as a Coach. She has helped me overcome my own limitations both personally and professionally. Issues in my life that I was not dealing with but needed to deal with became easier to face with Ivet. Together we looked at why I wasn’t doing in my life what I said I wanted to do and why I was stopping myself. Ivet helped me make plans for my future personally and professionally and break down those plans into doable actions I have been able to follow through on successfully. If there is something in your life you believe you should be doing but you are not doing it, I recommend coaching sessions with Ivet. She will help you figure out exactly what you want and then how to get it.

Sara Kelly Keenan, Obesity and Chronic Pain Life Coach, USA