I believe that even in the worst times there is a solution and it is hidden inside us. What we need is courage, faith, and dedication, to make a decision and to allow ourselves to seek help when we need it. This makes us humans.

Hi, I am Ivet Pavlova, coach and trainer, problem solver by heart and vocation. My coaching programs and trainings are created to support people in their journey in the best possible way. That’s why they are very personalized aiming to solve problems fast. We build them together with my clients according to their needs. They see and feel the positive results of our work in a very short period. 

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On focus

Get confident in your leadership role coaching program for new leaders

Growing in the hierarchy from an expert to a leadership role requires inner growth, new skills, new behavior, reactions, attitude, and effectiveness, which people obtain easily and successfully when they are in an inner state of calmness and they feel supported. For stress release, entering a state of calm and confidence, and developing the elements described above, we work in this program.

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Business growth & Life balance coaching program for business owners

My “Business Growth & Life balance” program has 2 levels: 1/ For those who want to expand, or to lounge a new product, to scale their business on a new level. 2/ For those who have already expanded their business and have problems managing the business growth and their life balance together.At which level are you now in your business? Find your new solutions with me.

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From an employee to a successful entrepreneur coaching program for new entrepreneurs

As a new entrepreneur have you asked yourself “Shall I continue with my own business or shall I find a job?” Do you feel fear about lack of money? Is it difficult for you to believe in yourself? Do you miss a team to test different things and receive feedback on time? For overcoming this and other challenges we work in this program

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Products for YOU

New entrepeneurs & Start-Up business owners coaching programs

Business development & life balance. Mindset of success, abundance, effective actions, communication with clients & at networking events. Developing of leadership skills - from boss to a leader. Developing a proper business model & cash flow forecast.

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Scale-Up business owners and their teams coaching programs & trainings

Grow up as a leader together with your company, Business growth and life balance for scale-up business owners, First-time manager/leader, Unlocking full potential of employees coaching; Trainings: Communication with ease and joy, empathic communication

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Life-Balance coaching programs & workshops for business leaders

Personal effectiveness & life balance. Emotional balance, confidence, joy, love & inspiration. Improving communication and relationships with people at work and at home. Self-care & improvment of your wellness levels in the different areas of your life.

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Upcoming Events

Get confident in your leadership role – a free webinar for new leaders

Are you for the first time in a leadership role? How do you feel in your new role? Do you feel as if your confidence is shaking? Do you feel bad about the negative comments by your team members or if someone criticizes you? Do you feel as if you rotate in one place impossible to move forward?
If yes, this webinar is for you, where you will find your authentic way how to bring your confidence back and how to enter your new role as a leader naturally and with ease.

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How from a banker I became a coach and why. What are the lessons that I have learned?

Hi, I am Ivet Pavlova, coach and trainer, problem solver by heart and vocation. I decided to share my personal story because it’s time for me to start sharing my rich experience with more people through articles and events in the next weeks and months. Many times colleagues coaches, friends, and clients said to me “you inspired me”.  I hope that I will inspire more people to achieve the longings of their hearts.

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Test for personal productivity

This test of eight questions is anonymous and free. It can help you assess your personal feelings about your productivity at the present moment. The test can give you some insights about what you need improve in order to achieve better results in your business and have more time for yourself and your family.

Do not take into account what other people think of you and test yourself now!

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Happy customers say...

Asking George Popovianski, CEO at NET INS Brokers “What is the most valuable thing for you from our coaching partnership?”, he says: “Your questions are very valuable because they are unbiased objective, asked from the site observer. I am involved in my situations and I can’t always ask myself the right questions. But in order to have the right answers, we need to ask the right questions – what you do as a coach.”

George Popovianski, Co-owner, CEO at NET INS Brokers, Bulgaria