My programs and trainings are personalized, deeply transformational, and result-oriented, taking into consideration the well-being of my clients, their professional goals, and all the surrounding aspects of the environment they live in.

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Online training “Development of empathic communication skills”

Training for leaders, teams and parents. Benefits: stress and negative emotions dissapear, people connect with each other in a more fulfilling way, they strat hearing each other better, opening for collaboration, hance relationships and the effectiveness raises in times, bringing more joy and happiness at home as well.

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Free online coaching session “New Horizons” for business leaders

If you are facing business or personal challenges because of COVID-19 pandemic, I can support you with a free special coaching session “New horizons” for finding new direction, vision or plan and how to implement it. The program is active until the end of December 2020. You can find more information here.

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New Business Solutions & New Inspiration

New business solutions and new perspective, developing psychology for success, finding new inspiration, confidence and emotional balance, reorganization of the company and change management.

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New age leaders & talents’ development

Developing an empathic approach in your leadership style and as a company's culture, improving leadership skills, emotional balance, and effectiveness, change management and communication.

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Life Balance, Inspiration & Communication

Stress reduction, confidence and personal effectiveness, improving your life balance, connection with inner joy, finding new inspiration, improvement of communication with people at work and at home

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Upcoming Events

The empathic approach is a key for retaining talents

Empathy is a key for retaining talents especially in difficult times for the organization.
How to develop an empathic approach in your leadership style and in the company’s culture?
What are the benefits of this?
How to carry on an empathic conversation?
Coming soon …

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Workshop “The Empathic Approach in Leadership”

Join us on this super interesting free event about “The Empathic approach in the leadership” on February 11, 2020. It is for leaders and entrepreneurs who love to study new things and believe that improving their leadership style will help their business growth and talent attraction.
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Test for personal productivity

This test of eight questions is anonymous and free. It can help you assess your personal feelings about your productivity at the present moment. The test can give you some insights about what you need improve in order to achieve better results in your business and have more time for yourself and your family.

Do not take into account what other people think of you and test yourself now!

Advantages to work with me

Happy customers say...

Ivet helped me during the period of the fast growth of our company. I was facing a conflict with one of our partners, very limited personal time, and several hard projects. She helped me revise my priorities and to pay more attention on creating a balance among my family, my health care, and my job.  Five months after we worked together, I see sustainable results as good new habits (practicing sport and meditation), calmer reactions during the emotional discussions in the office, and an optimistic approach as a whole. And the fact that the results are sustainable, is the most important for me. I recommend her to anybody that believes they can cope with the challenges but they need more clarity about how to do it and to reconsider their direction.

Ventsislav Topuzov, Managing Partner, Roiti Ltd.

With this letter, I’d like to express my positive feedback and deep gratitude for the work of Ivet Pavlova – NLP Business Growth and Life Balance Coach.

I started working with Ivet in January 2017 after having attended a one-day seminar where she had a presentation on productivity and work-life balance. I was deeply moved by Ivet’s presentation, the examples she used, and the subtle message she conveyed to the audience, namely that it’s possible to live a balanced and happy life by uncovering one’s truest and most authentic self. At that point in my life, I was struggling with achieving sustainable growth in my business, while also experiencing stressful situations at home. I contacted Ivet for a first introductory session and I have been working with her since.

During the coaching process, Ivet helped me uncover some deeply ingrained thought patterns that I’ve been carrying since my early childhood. I was also put into imaginary situations wherewith the masterful questioning done by…

Angelina Penkova, owner of Comtrail marketing agency, Bulgaria

My sessions with Ivet disclosed one of the biggest obstacles to me and my business. Our talks helped me find a way to redirect my attention and powers to activities and people that have the most favorable effect on me and my personal and business development. Ivet has always been helpful and flexible with me and my experience during the sessions. After every session, I was filled with fresh ideas and specific steps for reaching my goals, which I could undertake immediately.

Simeon, Software engineer, entrepreneur

Ivet is very focused on the topic and the shift required to get where client needs to go. I have most enjoyed NLP techniques. They helped me to really get to the bottom of it and refocus on moving forward stronger. The strength of NLP and its use by Ivet is in cutting through noise and delivering results. I have better clarity and tools and techniques to stay focused and move forward.

Alevtina Kraseninnikova, Leadership Development coach and Independent consultant, Singapore