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Individual Coaching Programs

Holistic Business, Leadership & Life Balance Coaching Solutions to Challenges

Whatever your challenges for growing your business, be an effective leader, and keeping your life balance are, there is a solution and it is inside you. Thanks to the methodology I use, I will help you find it and develop further. Learn more here

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Next Level Holistic Leadership Coaching Solutions to Challenges and Growth

Do you need to regain your confidence and grow further in your leadership role? Do you want to solve challenges and conflicts calmly, improve your personal effectiveness & life balance, and create a positive company culture where people can thrive?

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Unlock Your Full Potential and Create Fulfilling Life Balance Coaching Solutions

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life, struggling to juggle work, relationships with people you love, self-care & hobbies, and personal growth? Do you feel you need support to unlock your full potential in life? Learn more here

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Upcoming Events

Get confident in your leadership role – a free webinar for First-time Leaders, 2nd edition

Are you for the first time in a leadership role? You may be a leader in the corporate world or an entrepreneur who has built your first team. Do you wonder how to motivate your people to work faster and achieve their targets? Do you feel as if your confidence is shaking in some moments? Do you experience doubt in yourself or in your skills? Do you feel bad in some interactions with people in your team …? If yes, this webinar is for you.

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Get confident in your leadership role – a free webinar for new leaders

Are you for the first time in a leadership role? How do you feel in your new role? Do you feel as if your confidence is shaking? Do you feel bad about the negative comments by your team members or if someone criticizes you? Do you feel as if you rotate in one place impossible to move forward?
If yes, this webinar is for you, where you will find your authentic way how to bring your confidence back and how to enter your new role as a leader naturally and with ease.

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Test for personal productivity

This test of eight questions is anonymous and free. It can help you assess your personal feelings about your productivity at the present moment. The test can give you some insights about what you need improve in order to achieve better results in your business and have more time for yourself and your family.

Do not take into account what other people think of you and test yourself now!

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Happy customers say...

Ivet has a relaxed, gentle presence. She listens attentively and summarizes and reflects what’s important for the client to hear back. I can be all over the place initially, as I explore a topic. Ivet allowed the exploration but always made sure that the general was brought back to the specific. I had a real insight early on in our coaching, when something that I said was very important to me, didn’t even show up in my list of priorities. I have made significant progress in my marketing efforts since being coached by Ivet, and my level of confidence is greater.

Selina Millett, Coach and entrepreneur, Canada