My coaching programs and trainings are very personalized aiming to solve problems fast. We build them together with my clients according to their needs. They see and feel the positive results of our work in a very short period. 

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On focus

Business growth & Life balance

My “Business Growth & Life balance” program has 2 levels: 1/ For those who want to expand, or to lounge a new product, to scale their business on a new level. 2/ For those who have already expanded their business and have problems managing the business growth and their life balance together.At which level are you now in your business? Find your new solutions with me.

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Conflict solving with Co-partners in business

Do you often enter into hot discussions with your business partner that make you angry and unproductive for some periods of time? Do you want to develop your business in a new direction but your business partner does not accept it? Can you give your arguments in a calm confident way or your soul strings? Do you want to change the way you experience conflict situations?

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From an employee to a successful entrepreneur – individual coaching program

As a new entrepreneur have you asked yourself “Shall I continue with my own business or shall I find a job?” Do you feel fear about lack of money or sensation of financial insecurity? Is it difficult for you to believe in yourself? Do you miss a team to test different things and to receive feedback on time? I can help you find the proper solutions just for you

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Products for YOU

New entrepeneurs & Start-up business owners coaching

Business development & life balance. Mindset of success, abundance, effective actions, communication with clients & at networking events. Developing of leadership skills - from boss to a leader. Developing a proper business model & cash flow forecast.

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Scale-Up business owners and team leaders coaching

Solving conflicts with co-partners. Emotional balance and personal effectiveness. Becoming an inspiring leader. Managing fast business growth and life balance. Support your team with my Leadership program for newly promoted leaders.

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Life-Balance coaching for business leaders

Personal effectiveness & life balance. Emotional balance, confidence & inspiration. Improving communication and relationships with people at work and at home. Self-care & improving your wellness levels in the different areas of your life.

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Upcoming Events

Office Hours with Ivet Pavlova – November 26, 2020

Let’s talk about leadership challenges and valuable leadership skills in stressful business and life environment. These are short individual online coaching sessions or consulting, designed to support leaders in the current challenging environment. I invite you to take some time to recharge yourself as a leader in order to give your best to your team.

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Improving communication skills – online training for leaders & teams

Stress and negative emotions disappear, people connect with each other in a more fulfilling way, they start hearing each other better and become open for collaboration. Relationships and efficiency get better, bringing more joy and happiness at work and at home. Extremely valuable training for people who work from home!

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Test for personal productivity

This test of eight questions is anonymous and free. It can help you assess your personal feelings about your productivity at the present moment. The test can give you some insights about what you need improve in order to achieve better results in your business and have more time for yourself and your family.

Do not take into account what other people think of you and test yourself now!

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Advantages to work with me

Happy customers say...

The suggestion to use Ivet’s coaching services came at a very critical point in my life. I was experiencing a very complex situation at work and I decided to try. It was strange and somewhat scary for me. During our coaching process, I had that growing feeling that there was somebody to support me and somebody I could trust entirely. There was no judgment, there was complete confidentiality. When she was asking questions I realized that the answer was in me and that I knew what was right. My work with Ivet gave me the courage to accept the change and to take a step forward in a new direction. I was feeling elated and confident. I am happy that I have worked with her!

Teadora Muraveeva, Entrepreneur, Team leader