My passion is to support people in their effort to resolve difficult cases in business and life, to pass through periods of change with ease, with less effort and more delight, finding solutions beyond the evident. Working with me, people gain clarity and awareness and take more efficient actions for achieving their goals.

I love to help organizations become more successful by working with their leaders and teams in order to find new business solutions, to improve collaboration inside the organization, their personal and team efficiency, to implement reorganization or other changes smoothly and easily. The additional value of our partnership is improved work-life balance for the employees, which makes them happier and more loyal to the organization.

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Inspiring Leadership Programs

New perspective and inspiration in constantly changing environment

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Personal & Team Effectiveness

Collaboration, change management, self management

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Business & organizational coaching

Solving business and organizational cases

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Test for personal productivity

This test of eight questions is anonymous and free. It can help you assess your personal feelings about your productivity at the present moment. The test can give you some insights about what you need improve in order to achieve better results in your business and have more time for yourself and your family.

Do not take into account what other people think of you and test yourself now!

Advantages to work with me

Happy customers say...

“I have been having trouble with my business for a long time. It seemed I had found some solutions but they were not working. At the very first training with Ivet, I found a solution for 3 problems, which I applied immediately into practice and everything ran smoothly in a blink of an eye. The effect was stunning, so I took part in a second and a third training and again I was finding new inspirational solutions.”

Rumiana StamatovaOwner of Occupational Health Service “SI Consult 2005" Ltd.Bulgaria

I have been coached by Ivet several times. She has helped me to get back into path in my new change of career and to focus my energy and time in the right and important things to succeed. This has lead to big improvement in my business, and a much higher confidence in taking action.

Jorge CarullaCEO & Founder at ShakeupSpain

“Recently I had been promoted to a leader of an independent unit in our company and I was feeling paralyzed. I lost sleep over worries on how to deal with it. The training helped me rework my fears and I found the needed resources to continue and be proactive. I realized that I had been stopping myself. Since then, my work has been flowing smoothly.”

Violeta MamarovaOffice manager at "CreditLand".Bulgaria

I highly recommend Ivet as a Coach. She has helped me overcome my own limitations both personally and professionally. Issues in my life that I was not dealing with but needed to deal with became easier to face with Ivet. Together we looked at why I wasn’t doing in my life what I said I wanted to do and why I was stopping myself. Ivet helped me make plans for my future personally and professionally and break down those plans into doable actions I have been able to follow through on successfully. If there is something in your life you believe you should be doing but you are not doing it, I recommend coaching sessions with Ivet. She will help you figure out exactly what you want and then how to get it.

Sara Kelly KeenanObesity and Chronic Pain Life CoachUS