Happy customers say…

A friend of mine recommended I met with Ivet and I did it. During this period, every area of my life was full of failures and I had no aims and no direction. We started a coaching process and Ivet “read me like an open book”. After our first session, I was flying with happiness. After 6 coaching sessions, my transformation was enormous. Thanks to our work together I succeeded to eradicate all deep-rooted beliefs that didn’t serve me well and she led me out of this maze very elegantly. She helped me change my focus and adjust the layers of my soul in the right way. She succeeded to predispose me with such ease, calmness, and confidence, and I trusted her right away without any hesitation, which is very unusual for me. I was reading self-help books for years, but I had no results.

It was an honor and enormous luck to touch to your personality, Ivet. I admire your high level of professionalism, dedication, and organization. Sincere thanks to you for your humanity, for your attitude, and for the results we got together. Thank you that you helped me to bring back love into my life. Ivet, you are love. This is your vocation and gift to help people.

I highly recommend to chose Ivet as your coach in the course of your transformation!

Tania Markova

I would highly recommend Ivet and her professional services to everyone who is looking to develop their professional and personal life that is in line with their values and goals. Ivet is a person who will listen without judgment, she is calm, easy to get along with, and especially easy to talk to. My most memorable sessions were during the period of me switching to another professional field where my experience was limited – she helped me to know that no matter where you are and how much you have messed up, there is a lesson to be learned, and you can move on. Thanks to her, I was able to find solutions where I thought there were none and she helped me to look at daily work-related situations from the right perspective. Working with her is a pleasure and an eye-opening experience!

Irina Tsavkova, Senior Audit Analyst at Deloitte Bulgaria

A huge change happened thanks to Ivet’s coaching. Currently, I can hear people in my team better, the conversations go in calmness and I can collect more information. The exchange of information has improved. The mood and creativity improved in our team as well. I have created new habits that make me more productive, and the interesting thing is that I have lasting results. I feel much more confident, calm, and fulfilled. The work goes on as if a special portal has opened.

Daniel Ivanov, Co-partner, team leader, Performance ADS

Yet on the first motivational coaching session with Ivet I felt wonderful. She helped me to improve my overview of all areas in my life, to find what I really want, and to find my internal motivation to do it. During our coaching process, she helped me overcome the biggest challenge I had in my business, and I was able to move forward with much joy and confidence. In addition to her clear and consistent method of working, Ivet is very calm, confident, and positive, which creates a wonderful atmosphere of collaboration and support.

Silvina Furnadgieva, Entrepreneur

The suggestion to use Ivet’s coaching services came at a very critical point in my life. I was experiencing a very complex situation at work and I decided to try. It was strange and somewhat scary for me. During our coaching process, I had that growing feeling that there was somebody to support me and somebody I could trust entirely. There was no judgment, there was complete confidentiality. When she was asking questions I realized that the answer was in me and that I knew what was right. My work with Ivet gave me the courage to accept the change and to take a step forward in a new direction. I was feeling elated and confident. I am happy that I have worked with her!

Teadora Muraveeva, Entrepreneur, Team leader

Ivet helped me during the period of the fast growth of our company. I was facing a conflict with one of our partners, very limited personal time, and several hard projects. She helped me revise my priorities and to pay more attention on creating a balance among my family, my health care, and my job.  Five months after we worked together, I see sustainable results as good new habits (practicing sport and meditation), calmer reactions during the emotional discussions in the office, and an optimistic approach as a whole. And the fact that the results are sustainable, is the most important for me. I recommend her to anybody that believes they can cope with the challenges but they need more clarity about how to do it and to reconsider their direction.

Ventsislav Topuzov, Managing Partner, Roiti Ltd.

I am thankful to Ivet who helped me to end up a toxic 10 years business partnership. It took me two years period in which I was considering that I have to cease it. But when a person is in the vortex, it is very difficult to aware of what is good for him and that there are always other choices. This is as if your hand is stuck with a nail to a board: one part of you wants to free up from it, but actually the process is very painful and you remain stuck because of the pain. Ivet helped to cope with the pain and to come to the conclusion that I have many other opportunities and when one door closes, at least 10 other doors open.


D. Stiyanova, entrepreneur, team leader

I was looking for, I was wondering, I was trying, I failed many times, I was going forward, I was often desperate, I stopped believing, every time I fell down I stood up, going forward, but slowly, so slowly… I was not able to do it alone anymore. Then I met Ivet. Our work together gave me freedom and ease. I freed up myself from illusions, fears, not working models, old traumas – so many things, which were stopping me, which were suffocating me, and even pulling me back. I learned how to recognize these things by myself. I found the real valuable things for me. I rediscovered the connection with myself. I connected with the love inside me, the love for my job, the love for people around me, and the love to people all over the world. Together with Ivet, we achieved so much for so short time! Ivet with her unique approach succeeds to give you a hand and letting go of your hand in such a way that allows you to do your inner work and to find your own best answers by yourself. The freedom I felt, opened new horizons for me and I allowed myself to dream, and bravely, with faith and love, to move confidently forward. The sessions with Ivet are priceless for me. The work I had with her allowed me to give permission to myself to allow myself. Thank you, Ivet!

Maya Kavlakova, Entrepreneur

I have had several insightful coaching sessions with Ivet. Her calm and focused approach combined with powerful NLP exercises have had a great impact on the choices I have made in regard to my further career. She helped me to feel empowered by changing my beliefs that used to limit me and focusing on following my calling. Ivet has a confident and loving presence, which creates a safe and trusting space. I will strongly recommend Ivet as a coach.

Alfhild Tveråmo, Senior Consultant - Psychological Assessment Tools at Assessio Norge, Norway

Ivet has a relaxed, gentle presence. She listens attentively and summarizes and reflects what’s important for the client to hear back. I can be all over the place initially, as I explore a topic. Ivet allowed the exploration but always made sure that the general was brought back to the specific. I had a real insight early on in our coaching, when something that I said was very important to me, didn’t even show up in my list of priorities. I have made significant progress in my marketing efforts since being coached by Ivet, and my level of confidence is greater.

Selina Millett, Coach and entrepreneur, Canada

With this letter, I’d like to express my positive feedback and deep gratitude for the work of Ivet Pavlova – NLP Business Growth and Life Balance Coach.

I started working with Ivet in January 2017 after having attended a one-day seminar where she had a presentation on productivity and work-life balance. I was deeply moved by Ivet’s presentation, the examples she used, and the subtle message she conveyed to the audience, namely that it’s possible to live a balanced and happy life by uncovering one’s truest and most authentic self. At that point in my life, I was struggling with achieving sustainable growth in my business, while also experiencing stressful situations at home. I contacted Ivet for a first introductory session and I have been working with her since.

During the coaching process, Ivet helped me uncover some deeply ingrained thought patterns that I’ve been carrying since my early childhood. I was also put into imaginary situations wherewith the masterful questioning done by Ivet, I was able to see stressful situations in a new light and to solve problems with ease and joy.

Most importantly, I have realized that my own life is subject to modeling and refining by none other than myself. For the first time, I was able to shift my perspective on how I experience life. The stories that I’ve been telling myself started to dissipate slowly and I started to create new lines of thought and new, fresh perspectives for my future.

Ivet projects energy which is so subtle and humble, yet monumental in scale. Once you meet someone like her, you feel that this person is truly there to help you and that she’s able to swirl you into a vortex of greatness.

Her powerful coaching is rooted in her empathy and the pursuit of her mission to empower people to become their best selves and live their best lives. Her warmth and understanding, combined with a deep intuition in steering conversations in the right direction have made her one of the go-to persons for me whenever I face a challenging situation.

Since I started working with Ivet, I have recommended her to many of my friends who are business owners or are moving forward in the next phase of their career or family life. I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude for the transformation Ivet has helped me achieve and would be willing to share my experience with anyone seeking a recommendation for a coach.


Angelina Penkova, January 2019

  • Owner of Marketing Consulting Agency comtrail.eu.
  • Co-owner of Customer Experience Consulting company Loyalty First
  • Co-owner of Thai Massage Studio thaimout.eu
  • And a person who is curious and excited about life

Angelina Penkova, owner of Comtrail marketing agency, Bulgaria

“I have been having trouble with my business for a long time. It seemed I had found some solutions but they were not working. At the very first training with Ivet, I found a solution for 3 problems, which I applied immediately into practice and everything ran smoothly in a blink of an eye. The effect was stunning, so I took part in a second and a third training and again I was finding new inspirational solutions.”

Rumiana Stamatova, Owner of Occupational Health Service “SI Consult 2005" Ltd., Bulgaria

“The training was a good orientation point for where was my position with regard to the needed resources. I have been working on several projects and it helped me prioritize better. In my second training I found some other important solutions, which were very useful for my next business steps.”

Angelina Penkova, Owner of "COMTRAIL“ marketing agency, Bulgaria

Recently I had been promoted to leader of an independent unit in our company. At some point, the new responsibilities weighed on me and I was feeling paralyzed. I lost sleep over worries about how to deal with it. I was in doubt whether I can cope with them. Some time ago I have used Ivet’s coaching services in relation to personal issues. During our sessions, I rethought the situations, I sow the circumstances from a different angle, I cleared my desires, and defined new goals. This helped me make important decisions in life. That is why I decided to participate in one of Ivet’s trainings “Coaching with systemic constellations” to look for a decision on one business case. The experience and the results were strikingly interesting. I overcome my fears and I found resources to continue forward with. I understood how I have to act and now my work is going with ease.

Violeta Mamarova,Office manager at "CreditLand", Bulgaria

Why I trusted Ivet as my coach … when she had to present her work she used one word: “METHODOLOGY”. I will not go into details but this was enough so that I was sure we are like-minded and that she has the skills to bring me the value I want to achieve. Well, she did her job even beyond my expectations. I have been through a process for an overall transformation, solving working and personal cases. I was so excited to see the results almost immediately like I had overcome the obstacles in my mind and I was free to achieve my goals. But most of all I am grateful to Ivet because I am a happy person now 🙂

Polya Markova, Training Lead at Bosch Software Innovations, Bulgaria

I had several questions, answers of which was not easy to find:

  • What should I change so my work to go in the right direction?
  • How to improve my communication with the outside world?
  • How to improve the control of my life?

I have been looking for help from different specialists – doctors and psychologists, but answers which I got were standard and not helpful.

I was surprised when I started to participate in Ivet’s sessions that all answers were hidden inside me and by following her unique approach I got exactly what I needed. It helped me to become quite calm and more self-confident and to understand I was not a part of the problem, I was a part of the solution. That was not the only positive result, I also became more focused on important things at work, stopped to react emotionally which improved my communication with colleagues and managers and I became much more efficient in my daily routine tasks.

D.T. Software developer & team leader, Bulgaria

My sessions with Ivet disclosed one of the biggest obstacles to me and my business. Our talks helped me find a way to redirect my attention and powers to activities and people that have the most favorable effect on me and my personal and business development. Ivet has always been helpful and flexible with me and my experience during the sessions. After every session, I was filled with fresh ideas and specific steps for reaching my goals, which I could undertake immediately.

Simeon, Software engineer, entrepreneur

Asking George Popovianski, CEO at NET INS Brokers “What is the most valuable thing for you from our coaching partnership?”, he says: “Your questions are very valuable because they are unbiased objective, asked from the site observer. I am involved in my situations and I can’t always ask myself the right questions. But in order to have the right answers, we need to ask the right questions – what you do as a coach.”

George Popovianski, Co-owner, CEO at NET INS Brokers, Bulgaria

My name is Svetlana Goranova and I am a co-founder and creative director of the Center for Fun Mathematics(zabavnamatematika.com), based in Sofia(Bulgaria).

With heart, hand in mind in mathematics, we support every child from an early age in their natural process of learning and growing.

As an owner of an educational enterprise, I am always striving to keep a good balance between innovation and stability.

Ivet was the perfect coach to lead me through this process. With her very focused and tender approach, she helped me realize my own needs in terms of personal growth and balance. Then, we worked on certain topics and in 90% of them, I achieved much more than the desired result. Always felt stronger and happier after each session. With clarity and confidence, I could not only picture my new position in the company in the next 5 years but also came to the conclusion what kind of team I need to gather, so that I can be in the creative role, rather than in the operative management. Thanks to her, I could picture the image of the perfect operational manager, who is now taking care of the established company structure and works to attracts more and more parents, who want to help their kids learn and enjoy mathematics from an early age.

I strongly recommend Ivet Pavlova for the contribution she is bringing to the world.

July 2017

Svetlana Goranova, Co-founder and creative director of the Center for Fun Mathematics, Bulgaria

I contacted Ivet for business coaching because I was doubtful in my choice for professional development. It was during the first sessions that Ivet made me realize that professional development was going hand in hand with personal development and the setting of priorities. Our conversations shifted to personal fears, family relationships, and emotional balance. I gained clarity of vision, changed my way of thinking, and realized that most of the problems could be solved through awareness. Working on my personal fears and relationships, I changed my way of thinking regarding my business. This affected my motivation, goals, and I hope the long-term results. Daily stress was reduced as a consequence, and I feel calm that I am doing the right thing. I was eagerly expecting every session because I knew that it would be another step to knowing myself. I did not know much about coaching but my sessions with Ivet contributed to my positive thoughts about this service. For sure, I would recommend her coaching services because she can set people at ease and she can understand and motivate them.

Alessya Ivanova, Graphic designer, Bulgaria

Ivet is very focused on the topic and the shift required to get where client needs to go. I have most enjoyed NLP techniques. They helped me to really get to the bottom of it and refocus on moving forward stronger. The strength of NLP and its use by Ivet is in cutting through noise and delivering results. I have better clarity and tools and techniques to stay focused and move forward.

Alevtina Kraseninnikova, Leadership Development coach and Independent consultant, Singapore

Ivet has a very calm and positive style of coaching. She listens very closely and provides the space to explore your thoughts. She utilises models well and manages the coaching process very effectively. We achieved our goals in each session. I learned a lot around my own personal meaning in the work that I do. I achieved clarity on the direction of my coaching business and preferred clientele. I developed a great deal of respect for Ivet’s ability to coach in her second language. She was both engaged and committed to our coaching programme. She invested herself into my personal growth and supported me in achieving my goals for the programme. Her style and use of models is effective and I would recommend her as a coach to anyone in transition or aspiring to make a change.

Timothy Marth, Entrepreneur and coach, UK

I have used Ivet’s coaching service for several months and I found my interaction with her for exclusively useful and supportive. Her experience in coaching together with her balanced, wise, and pragmatic approach toward the challenges in life are part of the precious qualities which make our sessions so useful. Cleverly asking questions, positive challenging, she helped me to reach deeper awareness and fulfilling results in each of our discussions. I trust her skills and I know that I can rely on her support.

Daniel Vladinov, Manager in IT corporation, Bulgaria office

Ivet opened my eyes in so many ways while working with me as my business coach! I was able to gain some very important insights that otherwise I would not have found… After working with Ivet, I was courages enough to quit my old job and to go on the journey of doing what I really want to do! She showed me that every part of me was ready to do that even the “critical me”and through her questions I realized that there was nothing in my old job holding me back.
Thanks Ivet, for taking me on this journey and being there!

Ute (Uli) DukeSustainable Business Coach at PassionAct - For healthy organizations and sustainability inside out!Germany

I highly recommend Ivet as a Coach. She has helped me overcome my own limitations both personally and professionally. Issues in my life that I was not dealing with but needed to deal with became easier to face with Ivet. Together we looked at why I wasn’t doing in my life what I said I wanted to do and why I was stopping myself. Ivet helped me make plans for my future personally and professionally and break down those plans into doable actions I have been able to follow through on successfully. If there is something in your life you believe you should be doing but you are not doing it, I recommend coaching sessions with Ivet. She will help you figure out exactly what you want and then how to get it.

Sara Kelly Keenan, Obesity and Chronic Pain Life Coach, USA

Calm, insightful and powerful are just a few of the words I use to describe coaching with Ivet. Nothing seemed like a problem when I worked with Yvet, and this attitude along with her powerful questions and well applied practices, helped me make significant changes in my life. Working with Yvet was an incredible experience, I would recommend her to anyone.

Michael Burnstein, Life coach and Business manager in Awakening coaching, USA

I have been coached by Ivet several times. She has helped me to get back into path in my new change of career and to focus my energy and time in the right and important things to succeed. This has lead to big improvement in my business, and a much higher confidence in taking action.

Jorge Carulla, CEO & Founder at Shakeup, Spain