D.T. Software developer & team leader, Bulgaria

Monday July 2nd, 2018

I had several questions, answers of which was not easy to find:

  • What should I change so my work to go in the right direction?
  • How to improve my communication with the outside world?
  • How to improve the control of my life?

I have been looking for help from different specialists – doctors and psychologists, but answers which I got were standard and not helpful.

I was surprised when I started to participate in Ivet’s sessions that all answers were hidden inside me and by following her unique approach I got exactly what I needed. It helped me to become quite calm and more self-confident and to understand I was not a part of the problem, I was a part of the solution. That was not the only positive result, I also became more focused on important things at work, stopped to react emotionally which improved my communication with colleagues and managers and I became much more efficient in my daily routine tasks.

D.T. Software developer & team leader, Bulgaria