Some steps seem to be small but are huge in reality

Tuesday April 28th, 2020

We are what we are because of our past. We can choose to change something inside us, which does not serve us well anymore – it could be an old habit, an old belief or something else, that protects us from being a better person or being better in our job.  And we can replace it with a new habit, belief or reaction, which will serve us better, and will help as be better to people around us and in our profession.

The Earth showed us that the time to change something in our lifestyle is now. And we need to do it in two directions:

  • for us personally – always in a hurry for chasing some targets.
  • and the other – the way we treat the planet Earth.

What is this that you would like to change in order to create a better and more inspiring life for yourself?

What would you change in your lifestyle that will help you be more sparing for the Earth?

What I will do personally:

  • I will reduce the usage of nylon.
  • And in my personal life, I will start meditating every morning, smiling for 3 minutes, and sending love to everyone, in order to raise my energy and to help to raise the energy on the planet.

If all of us do something small, the effect in the long term will be huge for all of us.

I wish you a wonderful day!



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