Office Hours with Ivet Pavlova – November 26, 2020

Wednesday November 18th, 2020
Office Hours with Ivet Pavlova – November 26, 2020

Let’s talk about leadership challenges and valuable leadership skills in stressful business and life environment

?️ Leaders play a key role in every organization, and that’s especially valid when facing difficult times. They need to be inspiring but also face problems and challenges, and to find solutions. Leaders need to be empathic and take into consideration people’s emotions and needs in the process of problems solving, but together with that, they need to keep the business on track and to put proper boundaries.
With this said, leaders are also human, and sometimes they could feel as if they are at the edge of their internal resources and would need some reinforcement so they can hold it all together.
If you’re a business leader, executive, entrepreneur, or a startup founder and you face difficulties when balancing between numbers and people, then having a 1:1 with Ivet Pavlova and discussing your specific situation might take some tension off your back.
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? About me, Ivet Pavlova
Hello, I am Ivet Pavlova, an NLP Business & Leadership Coach with more than 6 years’ experience, certified by several international coaching programs in Bulgaria and the USA. I help business leaders and their teams reduce stress, manage focus and energy, improve communication & relationship with people in their environment, manifest their uniqueness, and achieve their goals with ease.
Coaching comes as a logical step for me after working 15 years in banking and finance, business reorganization, expansion, and investments in riskier projects, and after 3 years’ entrepreneurship as a wellness consultant helping people live a healthier lifestyle. In coaching and in neuroscience I have found the tools on how to help people blossom.
You can learn more about me on this website here.
You can learn more about my programs here.
Best wishes from me!
See you soon,
Ivet Pavlova

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