About coaching and how it helps people change habits and achieve their goals faster

Friday January 13th, 2023
About coaching and how it helps people change habits and achieve their goals faster

What do you think coaching is? What do you know about coaching?

It is so modern nowadays. But many people confuse it with consulting or mentoring.

Professional coaching is a methodology for leading a conversation that creates awareness, new solutions, and transformation.

In professional coaching, we do not give advice. If you get advice or guidance on how to do something, you actually receive consulting or mentoring.

As professional coaches, we ask questions and we use exercises to activate a new way of thinking in order to help our clients find new solutions.

As Albert Einstein had said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.  

We as humans act according to habits we have created. We have different types of habits:

  • Habits related to our daily routines,
  • Habits related to our body care,
  • Habits related to the way we talk, the way we think,
  • And even habits about how we feel.

All this habits has a direct effect on the actions we take in business and life.

Usually, we create our habits unconsciously over the years. Some of them serve us well, but others don’t. It is easy to catch the habit that doesn’t serve you well in your daily routines or about your body care.

But the “unhealthy” thinking habits and “unhealthy” emotional habits are not so easy to be aware of.

Actually, the habits related to the way we think and feel are our drivers toward our goals or stoppers to achieving them.

And it takes some time of systematic work to learn how to transform them into other habits that will serve us better. But even if you know this, even if you have read it in self-development books, until it pass through your body as a transformation, your old habit is not completely changed. And it often need something more than just advice in order to create a real change in reality. Do you agree with this?

And here comes coaching to support people to create a transformation on what serves them better. 

Case study about a huge problem with many consequences, that I helped one of mine clients solve for just 1 coaching session with me:

My client used to experience a lot of anger during the day. And according to his sharing, this inner state was draining his energy. And at the end of the day he was not able to go to the Gym, as he wanted, he didn’t have energy for his girlfriend and family members, and even during the weekends he felt overwhelmed and not motivated for enjoying the company of his friends and family.

He wanted to reconnect with the joy and inspiration, and when the working day finishes, to feel fulfillment and to have enough energy to go to the fitness and to enjoy his private life.

We started to investigate the unconscious strategy he used and he found that in the first minutes after he woke up in the morning a specific thought was coming in his mind that used to direct all his day after that.

The solution: 

  • I invited him to chose a new thought, a new belief to start the day with, which would support him to achieve what he wants.
  • After he found the new thought for the start of the day, we worked for imbodying it as a new habit and how it would be integrated in the reality.

The results were incredible and had lasting effect. This change had such a positive impact on the whole his performance during the days. It reflected directly on his relationships with clients, colleagues, his girlfriend and family members, and he started to go to the Gym regularly.

And this is what makes me happy – the results my clients!

So, Professional Coaching is

  •  A methodology created for helping people achieve better results. Coaching is a scientific way of leading a conversation that creates awareness. And in professional coaching, we don’t give advice. We ask only questions and facilitate specific exercises for generating new behavior, hence different results in business and life. The clients find their best answers inside themselves because nobody knows their lives, desires, and habits better than themselves.

As an NLP somatic coach, I go even further, helping clients change their emotional responses to the situations they want to change and create new habits of thinking, feeling and acting that serve them better. And much more… you can find more about my coaching service here.

The methodologies of coaching, NLP, and somatic exercises together help people find solutions beyond the obvious in any situation. Certifications are needed in order to be sure that this person has the necessary education to lead you in the proper direction, especially when we work for changing habits of thinking and emotional responses, and finding new solutions in business and life. Actually, it is also very good if the coach has rich experience because it develops their intuition and knowledge of how to lead people in a healthy direction during their transformational process.

My 25+ years of experience in business, and my 8+ years of experience as an certified NLP somatic Business, Leadership, and Life Balance coach, adding new tools and knowledge each year, as well as my personal experience and transformation, have developed my intuition and coaching skills so much, providing fast lasting results for my clients.

So, what actually do we do with my clients?

I partner with people (business owners, leaders in companies, new entrepreneurs and other people) in their process of achieving their goals in business and life by helping them:

  • Release stress,
  • Unlock what holds them stuck in a situation,
  • Solve conflict situations easier using the win-win approach,
  • Find new solutions,
  • Create new habits that serve them better,
  • Integrate new skills,
  • Improve their effectiveness in business and life,
  • Reconnect with joy, love and empathy, creating completely different approach in their communication style that helps them achieve their goals as if with a magic wound,
  • And take actions in a new way getting completely different and positive results.

My clients say:

  • “Ivet, your talents have to reach more people.”

And I love to share them with you.

You can learn more about me and how I can support you here

I invite you to experience a coaching conversation with me for free in a 30-minute coaching call. 

  • I will help you create a new action plan and find your deeper motivation for achieving your goals in business and life that will make you unstoppable in 2023!

Book your 30-minutes free coaching conversation here:     Calendly


Have a great day everyone!

Ivet Pavlova,

NLP Somatic Coach and Trainer

Business, Leadership and Life Balance Coach and Trainer

What else would you like to learn about this topic? What are your challenges that you want to address? Please ask your questions or write your comments here. I will answer you within two working days.

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