Human superpowers

Tuesday May 23rd, 2023
Human superpowers

We all as humans have superpowers

Superpowers are something like talents that make us unique and valuable for the other people.

They are things that we are particularly good at or special qualities that other people see in us.  They are special gifts that can be very ordinary at first sight but very precious for the people in our environment.

We have superpowers in our profession, at home, and in other areas of our life.  Superpowers also could need some tuning or enhancing, but once they are enhanced, it is a sin not to share them with others. Why it is a sin not to share them 🙂 because there are people who need our superpowers.

Very often we are focused on developing our weak sights and we loose huge value and resource just because we don’t see our more resourceful powers – our superpowers. What are they?

Here are some examples of superpowers:

  • If you can see the bigger picture as a leader – it is a gift, a superpower that serves your company and people well.
  • If you can see details but you miss some parts from the big picture, it is also a gift or superpower because you can help people complete the bigger picture and make it detailed, adding additional value to it.

These two people are different. And they could judge each other for their weak opposite site. But if they cooperate instead of judging, they will create together something more beautiful, instead of creating conflicts and negative emotions that sabotages creativity and potential. So, you as a leader could appreciate details given by other people in your team and enhance the bigger picture.

  • If your super power is to bring intelligent humor in the room, it is something that is very valuable and you can help people reconnect with joy at work or at home. The joy is health and brings back love and creativity. It makes life colorful. So having sense of humor is a superpower. But if you neglect the responsibilities, it might become a problem. So developing a superpower to bring joy and be responsible together is even bigger superpower that could be tuned or enhanced when is recognized. But if you use sarcasm instead of humor, it might insult people and it is good to tune it in a neutral direction bringing back joy into the room.
  • If your superpower is to be well organized and efficient, you can help people improve their time management. But if you become too serious, and starts judging the joyful people for their mood, it may provoke negative emotions and impact efficiency of everyone.

Being responsible and being serious is two different things. It is possible to be joyful and responsible at one and the same time, and there is noting wrong with it.

If we accept the difference among us as humans, and open ourselves for the other people superpowers, instead of judging them for being different, we can allow the superpowers of each of us to impact our life for better.

So, when we are not connected with our superpowers or if we cannot appreciate the superpowers of other people, we can experience inner conflicts and provoke conflicts.

What about if we start appreciating our superpowers and those of the other people?

Here are some other examples of superpowers:

  • accountable
  • assertive
  • compassionate
  • consistent
  • honest
  • ethical
  • practical
  • creative
  • empathetic
  • energetic,
  • slowly,
  • focused,
  • present in the moment,
  • listens actively,
  • flexible, etc.

What is the benefit of being slowly for instance? – You may help people balance their life by provoking them to stop or reduce the speed.

Many of my clients say “I am so tired. As if I am on a “hamster wheel”. I want to slow down but I don’t know how”. In our coaching sessions I help them find their way to slow down. But you also can teach other people how to slow down. What is the benefit? – Enhanced work or/and life quality.

I invite you to ask yourself: 

  • “What are my superpowers?
  • What stops me from using them more, developing them or sharing them with people?”

For instance, my superpower as a coach are:

  • To help people cope with their difficult emptions and get back to their confidence and center.
  • And from this “new place” of their inner self, to solve conflicts, bring their joy and inspiration back, and create what they want to achieve in business and life.

So, what are your superpowers? How do you enrich people’s lives? 

If there is something that stopes you, we can explore it together.


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