How to cope with difficult emotions and go back to your center

Tuesday June 6th, 2023
How to cope with difficult emotions and go back to your center

“You helped me get back to my center, to reconnect with my authentic self and positive energy. This is something very special for you. I have not met a coach with your capacity to work with difficult emotions” a client said to me recently.

And yes, this is one of my superpowers in my coaching and I love to help people:

  • Overcome their difficult emotions like: anger, frustration, shame, guilt, worries, fears, hopelessness, emotional pain, sadness, loneliness, emptiness, willingness for punishing other people, etc.
  • And get back to their center, reconnecting with positive feelings like: love, joy, happiness, calmness, gratitude, inspiration, passion, feeling alive, etc.

We as humans create emotional attachments to people and situations which make us feel stuck, provoking a sensation for a very difficult situation. And we could start seeing things as “black and white” losing our center, inner balance and authenticity.

People usually say that there is no place for emotions in business. Yes, for the artificial intellect there is no emotions, but we are humans. And we have emotions! This is what make us humans!

We all need human connections in business and life. But human connections create emotions that impacts all areas in our life. That is why we need to appreciate them and to learn how to cope with them.

Actually, the situations are neutral. They are as they are. We give meanings to them.

  • And the meaning we give creates the emotional state.
  • The meaning we give also prevent us from seeing the situation from the shoes of the other person.
  • The truth is always 50:50. It is never only ours. And we need to take responsibility for our 50 percent in the interactions with others. Only parents have a 100 percent responsibility in the communication with their children. But usually we blame other people for the whole situation and our emotional states, because:
  • We get attached to our meaning and to our emotions. This is our ego. Our ego is not our center. And our ego doesn’t allow us to take responsibilities for how we feel.

Or center is our emotional stable and authentic self that is connected with love and empathy to ourselves and others, keeping healthy boundaries in the same time.

But we cannot change the situation and create something different until we change our meaning we have given to it. And we cannot change our meaning for the situation while we keep staying in the same difficult emotions.

  • Once we decide to release the emotions, everything changes for a second.
  • The situation IS NOT changing. Our ATTITUDE is changing and our EMOTIONA STATE is changing.
  • From this position we can start acting differently and creating new things and relationships in business and life.

As an NLP Somatic coach, I help people walk through this process fast and create new behavior, solutions and results they want in their business, leadership style and life using the process described below. And I love to do it. The results of my clients give me huge sense of fulfillment.

It is NOT a therapy. We DON’T explore the past intellectually. We can release the emotions without exploring the past at all. We can do it in the current moment very easy and fast. Or if the situation is very very difficult, we could go in the past for a while but not for discussing it, rather for releasing the feelings that had been created in the past and for freeing up this part of us that is stuck and generates hard feelings.

This is how the transformation happens working with me (You can go through this process alone, but for maximum results it is good if someone experienced, like me, lead you in it):

  1. We explore the situation that create difficult emotions and disbalance in the client.
  2. I hold the space for them to reconnect with the difficult emotions for a while and acknowledge them. This is very important step – to feel the emotions, not to avoid them. We need to face them, to see them, to feel them in order to release them. Sometimes it is very painful and people don’t want to meet with these emotions. In such cases, my advice is to find someone to support you during this phase. And this is what I do for my clients.
  3. Than using special NLP and somatic tools which I choose depending on the different cases, I help people release the emotions and to see the situation from a neutral position. Here the most important thing is to lead the person in this process to a constructive direction, to hold the space in a way that the clients DO NOT loose themselves in the emotions and to lead them to a positive direction.
  4. After they entered in the neutral position in mind, heart and body, I invite them to see the situation from the neutral position and to decide how they want to continue: do they need to carry these feelings with them or not, and what new behavior they want to have. It is up to the client to decide whether they want to take the difficult feelings back or to release them fully. Every time people choose to release the difficult emotions fully and to reconnect with joy, love, empathy, gratitude or other positive feelings that serves them better.
  5. So we continue to work with the difficult emotions until they are fully released and then we work on connecting with the positive feelings the clients have chosen, and then to create the new things that they want to have in their business, leadership style or in life caring the positive feelings inside. The results are fast and amazing. But most important the transformation has lasting effect.

Working with me, my clients not only release their difficult emotions, but they also:

  • Learn new patterns how to cope with similar situations in the future in a constructive way that will not hurt them again.
  • Reconnect with love and empathy to themselves and other people.
  • We build new healthy boundaries together.
  • We work on creating empathic communication style that becomes natural for them, using it with ease, enjoying the new positive results from it.
  • All this help them create completely new experience and new type of connection with people.

If you like this and if you feel this is for you, I invite you to connect with me to explore your challenges together, getting your first results.

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