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I don’t teach people how to do business. I use the methodology of coaching, NLP and systemic constellations to partner Executive directors, leaders on different levels, managers of branches/offices, and business owners to find their own best solutions for their projects. My experience in the business and my business coaching education help me to find the right questions which make may coaching sessions even more powerful for my clients. They receive new awareness and solutions for a fast move toward their goals.

This is how Georgi Popovyanski, Executive director of NET INS Brokers answers the question ”What is the most valuable thing for you in our partnership?” :

“Your questions are very valuable because they are objective, questions of a side observer. I am involved in my own situations and cannot always ask myself the right questions. In order to reach the right results we have to ask the right questions, something that you are doing as a coach.”

This programme gives possibilities for the leader to discuss his thoughts and cases with a trustworthy partner different from the team members; this allows him to have a view of the situation “beyond the evident and from different perspectives”. - Benefit: The leaders get a different point of view and find new solutions. 

The programme also gives a space for improvement of vision, strategy, and values of the company and how to communicate the improvement with the teams. - Benefit: In these sessions, the leaders discover new potential and some times even new markets, find the right ways of communication with their teams and the results come quickly in everyday communication and task performance.


The methodology allows full confidentiality, that's why practically you can investigate any case you want without mentioning details about your business and you can find unexpected results from this discussion that give you "green light" for further fruitful actions. 

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Individual coaching program "Big vision" which I use in my partnership with newly promoted leaders who are responsible for enlarging the company's business and small business owners to design their vision and to create a workable strategy to implement it. We also work on developing a psychology of success as being at the beginning of our leadership career often we have internal saboteurs and limiting beliefs which limited us from achieving our desires.  

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This programme supports teams and team members in achieving their goals (sales or project completion). Even when we have passed through many pieces of training in relation to our specific job, sometimes there are some invisible forces that prevent us from achieving our goals. In these workshops for teams we work for identifying what are the teams' saboteurs as well as the personal saboteurs of the team members, and then to connect with the proper recourses in order to find solutions beyond obvious.   You can take a look at what satisfied clients say here.

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