From an employee to a successful entrepreneur coaching program for new entrepreneurs

Wednesday November 3rd, 2021
From an employee to a successful entrepreneur coaching program for new entrepreneurs

If you have started your own business recently, maybe you have already faced different challenges. 

  • Have you asked yourself “Shall I continue with my own business or shall I find a job?”
  • Do you feel fear about lack of money or sensation of financial insecurity?
  • Is it difficult for you to believe in yourself, to allow yourself to show up, to declare yourself?
  • Or maybe you lack a team or a business partner to discuss your ideas, test different things, to receive feedback on time?

This is so normal for the early stages of entrepreneurship. I passed through it when I became an entrepreneur 10 years ago after being an employee for 15 years before that.  For more than 7 years as a coach,  I partner with many people to overcome these and many other challenges during their transformation from an employee to successful entrepreneurs, moving forward toward their desires with ease, joy, and inner inspiration.

For becoming successful entrepreneurs, we need

  • An appropriate mindset, new skills, habits, and inner growth, happen step by step in time by taking actions and learning.

I help my clients do this transformation fast. They have positive results in each session and they feel and see the effect of our work together in a very short period. 

Individual coaching program

“From an employee to a successful entrepreneur” 

This program is for people who had been employees in companies and who had already started their own businesses, and they had faced their own challenges in the process of development.  

In this program, I will help you:

  1. To find your proper direction.
  2. To structure your services, your products, your business.
  3. To find your inspiration and courage for moving forward in the direction you chose to go.
  4. To calm down, believe in yourself, and declare yourself with confidence and inspiration.
  5. To focus on the important things for you, to improve your productivity and organization.
  6. To free yourself up from the fear of financial insecurity, fear of failure, fear to show up, fear of fast growth, and many other fears that might paralyze you.  And instead of them, to find new solutions, negotiate better prices, to become financially independent and fulfilled.
  7. You will have the possibility to investigate your ideas and to stop looking for approval from people in your surrounding. You will receive constructive feedback in a safe environment by testing different things in our coaching exercises.
  8. You will stop rotating in one place. You will start doing effective actions with joy, love, and inspiration, opening new horizons in front of you, and elevating your business to the next level.


Contact me for a FREE 30-minute chemistry call where I will answer all of your questions! 

  • This free talk Does NOT oblige you anything!
  • This is for both of us to learn more about each other, your challenges, and how I can support you!
  • Based on this conversation, we are going to decide whether we are going to work together.
  • In this FREE talk, you will have your first results that will help you move forward with joy.

To register for your 30-minute free chemistry call, please fill in the form below:

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