Money is love

Wednesday July 21st, 2021
Money is love

In this article, we shall discuss the meaning behind “Money is love”. You will also have the opportunity to dig deeper into what to change in order to be able to earn more money and to have financial freedom.

So, why exactly “Money is love”…

If you have studied the history of money, you probably know that before money existed, people used to exchange goods with each other, which is called barter.

Let’s take the following example: one person is producing bread and another person is producing milk, they exchange bread for milk. But actually, they don’t exchange only bread for milk. This is the material expression of their exchange. One of them has invested his energy in the bread production, the other one has invested his energy in the milk production. Every one of them has put their life energy to produce a product. They also have invested resources from nature – wheat for the bread and milk from the cow. The wheat and the cow are life. Life is love. Life comes from the creative energy of love. The cow was conceived through the act of love. The milk is a gift for the life of the calf. Wheat, like every plant, comes from the creative energy of life on Earth, which is love. And in order for wheat to be even more nutritious and to grow to its full potential, it needs care. And care is love. When we stop taking care of something, gradually it withers and dies. If we don’t take care of the harvest, it will not give us its full potential. Even if we are not fully aware of it, actually, when we put care in something, we put our love and heart in it. And although some people look angry, in the roots of every care there is love. And if we return to the example of exchanging bread for milk, actually we exchange the care and the love that we have invested in it. Therefore, the money that nourishes life, is love.

This example could relate to everything in our current way of gaining money. Turning back to history, we just remind ourselves that money is created to make the exchange of goods and services easier, as well as the assessment of the energy and resources invested in them. But the amount of love invested in the products is not possible to be measured. It just exists behind the production of tangible and non-tangible goods. Often we cannot see it or feel it because we are not taught to take money this way and because the communication style of people often pushes us away from the idea “money is love”.

The other thing that prevents us from seeing money as love is our need to survive and our willingness to live in better conditions. Often due to these needs, we enter into the ‘energy of neediness’. But when we are in this energy, money starts to run away from us because we lose our connection with love and because people don’t like to fulfill other people’s needs, excluding some cases which are not a subject of this article.

What could we do if we want to earn more money and have financial freedom?

Here are my 5 pieces of advice:

1/ To allow ourselves to love money. This means to free ourselves from all unconscious negative beliefs about ourselves and money.

2/ To go out of the ‘energy of neediness’ even in the moments when we are in a difficult financial situation. In such cases what can help is to connect with our talents and with the contribution we give through our services. Money follows the contribution we give.

3/ To change our mindset from an employee who executes tasks to an entrepreneur who provokes actions, finds opportunities, shares their gifts with others, and contributes to society. It requires inner work, and part of it is to open our heart – to give and receive with an open heart. In this way, we have exchange and growth. Often times it’s not easy. But if you do it you will open yourself for the abundance that is waiting for you in your business and life.

4/ It is very important to learn how to share our gifts and contribution with people. In the current world, this process is called marketing and sales skills. This terminology provokes unpleasant feelings in many people. But if you share with people about your gifts in a language that they can understand, and if you do it not from the energy of neediness but rather by heart, the results will be different. If you apply for a job, the same principles will help you express your full potential and negotiate your salary.

5/  We need to stay open and learn new things in different areas to enrich ourselves and to share good practices with others. We need to get to know ourselves and others, to improve the way we communicate and connect with them, to free ourselves from fears and worries. These are the key factors for our personal and professional development, as well as crucial elements to success, including financial abundance.

So, at the root of how much money we make, lie our beliefs, habits, emotional attachments, and attitude, which we have created unconsciously, as well as the way we communicate and connect with others. Often these are the reasons (elements) that push us away from abundance. There are other reasons as well, but these are the most common ones. Fortunately, they can be changed very easily with others that serve us better.

What is next? – Let’s do some inner work…

The most important thing that you can investigate today in this article is your beliefs about money because they reflect directly the way we communicate with people and our openness to abundance.

Now you can work on one of the elements which has a direct effect on how much money you earn, whether you can hold it and multiply it. And this is your belief about money. So:

  • I invite you to say it out loud: “I love money” – and feel what happens inside you.

If you feel as if your soul is shrinking, if you sense doubt about this statement, if you don’t feel comfortable saying out loud “I love money”, most probably it is difficult for you to attract money. Or even if you can attract it easily, maybe you spend it fast, or you have difficulties saving it or multiplying it.

  • Now I invite you to say out loud: “Money is a wonderful thing, money is love”.

What is happening with you now?

  • If you feel doubts in your body, ask yourself: “What exactly is money for me?” – and wait to receive the answer from the bottom of your soul. Stay silent, stop your inner voice and wait.

You will recognize that the answer comes from your soul, not from your mind when you receive a very short and clear answer as if from the deepest part of you.

  • The next question is: “What do I believe about the possibilities for me to earn more money?” and wait for the answer…

When you have specific answers to the above questions, you have already found the first step toward the transformation.

The next step is to find a belief that serves you better. Ask yourself:

  • “What do I want to believe about money?” – and wait again to receive your answer from the deepest self. Find a concrete answer, a belief that will serve you better, and try to integrate it inside you.

How does the integration of new beliefs happen:

  • One of the approaches is to imagine that you are breathing your new belief into your heart. So, take several breaths. With every breath say your new belief out loud and imagine that it enters into your heart through your breath and it becomes part of you.

What else do we need?

We need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and at the same time to remain connected with our human side, meaning we need just to stay connected with love. And even if something negative runs in our way, even if we are in a difficult period, it’s important to remain consciously in the love mode and to keep our positive attitude. This will give us creative energy to cope with the difficulties. In this way, we open ourselves for abundance. And abundance is not only money and tangible assets. It is also a proper person beside us, environment, team, and people, who vibrate at our frequencies. Actually, the quality of our relationships is the biggest asset we have.

Sometimes we need support in this process. If you feel you need support to change your beliefs, habits, emotional attachments, to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, to change the way you communicate with people, and to open yourself for the abundance, get in touch with me.

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I wish you love in your hearts! If you have it, you will find your way to attract more money with love and with joy, and to invest part of them for creating your financial freedom.

I wish you success in this process!

Ivet Pavlova,

NLP Business, Leadership, and Life-balance coach and trainer.


About the author – Ivet Pavlova

I have graduated University of national and World Economy in 1995, in Sofia, Bulgaria. My major is Finance.  I have been working in the banking system in Bulgaria for about 15 years, exploring in details banking and finance, development of banking and another type of businesses in different sectors. I had been appointed as a chief expert in the project of the reorganization and expansion of a large Bulgarian bank after its privatization. I had participated in many investment analyses for investing in higher-risk business projects. After my son was born my priorities changed and I started to explore topics in the area of children psychology, communication, wellness, and life balance, where I had found the answers to my questions about what makes some people successful, and other people fail. Finding coaching I had found my inner calling to help business leaders and their teams to emerge from difficult situations and to elevate their business and life with more joy, love, and happiness creating an environment where people blossom.  I got my certification as an NLP coach in the Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP in San Francisco in 2014. Since then, I have added additional qualifications and methodologies in my coaching and training practice, creating a holistic approach for solving business and leadership challenges. I am an entrepreneur for more than 10 years and everything that I work with my clients I have done it for myself first. I have passed through a huge spiritual transformation, integrating it into my programs successfully. This makes my coaching and training deeper, giving a huge and fast transformation for people in their businesses, leadership styles, and life.

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