Workshop “The Empathic Approach in Leadership”

Monday January 20th, 2020
Workshop “The Empathic Approach in Leadership”
Leadership is more about communication – the way we share vision and goals with our team members, the way we motivate them, give bad news, feedback or the way we react to what comes to us, all this creates a concrete result and it has its consequences in short-term and long-term.
What are the benefits of developing an Empathic approach in your leadership style and your company culture, especially when we operate in a multicultural environment?

Join the coming workshop on February 11, 2020, to exchange knowledge with other people and to learn more!


  •   How does developing an empathic approach in your leadership style and among your team members help to improve your employees’ loyalty, the sustainability of your business and its growth? How the empathic approach as a company culture creates a healthy environment and better service for your clients? Where are the boundaries, what are the challenges and how to improve your empathic approach? – This is what we are going to discuss during the first 60 minutes of this workshop.
  •   After that you will have the opportunity to get a 20-min practical coaching session with Ivet Pavlova, helping you clarify your vision as a leader and how to implement it in reality.
  •  And we are finishing with an additional 10 min discussion to help you have more clarity on your questions.

IT IS A FREE EVENT – For 38 people only!

So, be sure you will come earlier to take your sit.


Many thanks to our host – Puzl Coworking!   
You can see the location here on this link
Together we want to support the entrepreneurs and leaders who love to improve their leadership skills and believe that this is the way to help their team members grow as well.

JOIN US on February 11, 2020, from 7 pm to 8.30 pm.

And find more about how you could contribute more to society by introducing the Empathic approach in your leadership style and in your company’s culture!


Hello, I am Ivet Pavlova and I am a certified NLP Business & Leadership Coach
I have 5+ yrs experience in coaching entrepreneurs and leaders for improving their leadership style and solving business challenges. Coaching is a logical step for me after 15 yrs of experience in finance, business growth, and change management.
That’s why I became a Director “Professional Development” in the Board of Directors of ICF (International Coaching Federation) Bulgaria chapter for the period 2018-2019, dedicated to help people be more informed about the professional coaching and its value in business and life.
8 years ago, my level of empathy had been estimated at a very rare high level of 75% by an emotional intelligence test.
What are the challenges with such a high level of Empathy and the lack of Empathy, and how to cope with them? – you can learn more from my personal transformation as well.

Join us on February 11, 2020

And learn more about how you can be an even more loving and successful leader for your team!

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