“Work-I-Family” Balance

Thursday December 1st, 2022
“Work-I-Family” Balance

It is December, Christmas time. This is the most intensive period of the year, at least in Bulgaria. People usually try to complete everything that was not completed during the year. And it seems as if December is the end of the world. And in the same time, preparation for Christmas is the other activity that creates huge tension in families and in the business. It is very easy to lose our inner balance in this period of the year, which most often has a negative impact on our relationships with the people we love.

I invite you to think for a while:

  • How can you release the feeling of urgency in order to reduce stress and calm down?
  • How can you do your work in December in a balanced way that will be healthier for you and the people in your environment?
  • How important is it for you to have everything done perfectly for Christmas or do you prefer to spend it in a joyful way with people you love?
  • What would you do differently this time?

I wish you a successful December and to keep your “Work-I-Family” balance well!

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