Leadership with love and empathy

Friday November 18th, 2022
Leadership with love and empathy

“Leadership with love and empathy” is one of my favorite topics to talk about.

Probably you will ask:
– How are we going to achieve goals by being more empathic?
– How are we going to put the line between friendly attitudes and the requirements for the work to be done on time?

🌞 Let me tell you THE STORY of one of my clients:

“A client, a business owner, and a team leader came to me with the following request: “We have an emergency project, the deadline for its delivery is approaching, and we are nowhere. The work is huge, I want to find a new way of organizing the work and improving discipline so we can deliver the project on time.”
– We started working on the request and when I put the client to look at the situation from the point of view of the future as if everything had already happened in the best way and on time, I asked “what have you changed to achieve this?” my client replied, “I have connected with love”. So, in this session instead of changing the organization of work and discipline, we worked for connection with love. Yeah, it happens a lot in my work with people.
– Two weeks later, he called me happy and said, “Ivet, thank you so much! Everyone works on max, everyone cooperates, work goes well and we will meet our deadlines!”.

🌞 THE KEY here is that

– We cannot be really empathic until we reconnect with the love inside us, spreading it to people around us. We cannot be really empathic without loving people. But we can easily lose this connection while we strive to achieve our business goals.

Improving discipline has only short-term effects. A real inspiration and the biggest results can happen on another level and it is through LOVE AND EMPATHY.

❔ How can we restore our connection with the love and empathy inside us?

💛 This is one of my specialties in which I have huge personal experience and a huge experience with clients. And I really love this because it changes the whole direction of the business results very fast and for the better.

– This is a process that is unique for each person What I actually do is to help people find their own way, proper resources, and how to create their boundaries in a healthy way, using coaching, NLP, emotional healing, and other tools depending on the client’s needs.

🍀 If you feel that you have lost your connection with the love to people, we can explore together how you can restore it in a healthy way to improve your business results and life balance.

Connect with me for more information.

Have a great day everyone and a wonderful weekend!

What else would you like to learn about this topic? What are your challenges that you want to address? Please ask your questions or write your comments here. I will answer you within two working days.

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