Abundance is an inner state

Tuesday September 26th, 2023
Abundance is an inner state

“Abundance is a state of the spirit. It is a way of being. It is not something that you can obtain or lose.” – once my spiritual teacher told me some years ago.

Yes, it took me some time to integrate it in myself. Why and how?

We all live in abundance. In the human history, humanity had never lived in such and abundance as it is during the last 50-60 years.  And abundance is not only money. Beside the material things, it is to have what you need in life – a partner, friends, to love, to experience pure joy, etc.

But why many people don’t feel abundant in a way to feel that that’s enough for them and their relatives. 

The answer is  – we attract what we radiate.

Before we continue, let differentiate the abundance from other feelings and attitudes like greed and affluence.

  • Abundance is around us. We need to reach out and take it, as much as we need, but it is available and we are calm that it exists, that it is here for us but there is enough for others too. The abundance is for everyone. The belief is: “there is enough for everyone , for me too”.
  • Affluence – there is a redundancy in affluence. There is a disbalance when we are in affluence. It is over-satisfaction.
  • In abundance there is no “over-“ It is an inner state in which you can fulfill your dreams, to provide for your needs with ease, to allow yourself to do the things that you love, to generate money enough for you and your family, to experience that you are loved because of you, because you are a precious human being.
  • Greed is something else. It is a condition in which people take for themselves without thinking for the others. In this inner state they accumulate things at the expense of others. Greed comes from an inner state of lack. It may not be a real lack, but people feel deep inside fear of not having enough. In moments of greed people are focused to cover their own needs instead how they could contribute to others.

The abundance is something simple. It is like:

  • There are enough clients for everyone, we just need to find the proper approach to reach them, to find the proper markets, proper people that need our service.
  • There is jobs for everyone. We just need to find the proper attitude and the best place for us.
  • Or – I want to develop as a charismatic leader, hence I have to find the proper approach for that.
  • And to focus on contribution instead of the profit.

That is why the abundance is for everyone. But it is available on the higher energy levels – it means on the higher emotional inner state which is the state of love, joy, happiness, empathy, compassion, appreciation, gratitude. But when we talk about gratitude we talk about this gratitude that comes from a deep place in the heart. The gratitude that we feel deep inside us about all lessons that we have received in life and all experiences that we had in positive and negative specters of the feelings. And it is a way of being.

I invite you to take a moment and think:

  • When the best thinks in life had happened to you? – probably when you have been in a good inner state before they happened – inner state of joy, happiness, inspiration. And in some moment, pop, and something good happens and enhance your joy.

In NLP we say:

  • We are in unresourceful inner state when we are in negative specter of feelings and emotions and
  • We are in resourceful inner state when we are in the positive specter of feelings and emotions.


When we are in unresourceful inner state we stop the flow of abundance toward us because we don’t vibrate on the same frequency.


HeartMath Instituted had measured that our hearts radiate in different magnetic wave frequency depending on our emotional inner state. In this way they prove  what spiritual teachers talk vibrations.

Gratitude to HeartMath Institude for the pictures


The abundance exist on the higher vibration. And it is how we feel, not how much money we have. If we feel abundant, we attract abundance in all areas in our lives.

So when we are on other frequency different of those of the abundance, even if something positive comes to us, we cannot take it. And it goes away because the negative specter of feelings is more aggressive than the one of the positive feelings like love, joy, happiness, gratitude, appreciation – these are very kind energies and they can be easily destroyed by the lower frequency energies of anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety, etc.

  • When we are in low energy levels, everything happens very difficult.
  • When we are in the inner state of pure joy, the things changes, and easiness come on place.

How do we create our emotions and feelings?

  • They are born by our beliefs and the meaning we give to people, things and situations.



I invite you to explore your beliefs in regards the abundance by answering those questions:

Be honest with yourselves and find what you really believe about:

  • The life is difficult, or the life is wonderful and we have to live it in the best possible way?
  • Money is earned difficultly and money doesn’t grow on trees, or money comes with ease when I am in a good resourceful inner state.
  • A huge stagnation comes and we shall reduce the expenses, or there are possibilities in stagnation and we can find them.
  • There are not good people and to find the proper people is difficult, or we need 1 person or several people and we can find them if we change our expectations or what we can give to them in order to attract them.

We can continue in this direction.

And so, be honest. Where most of your answers are located – on the left or on the right part of the sentences above? – the negative specter or the positive specter?

We can change our believes at a intellectual level fast but we cannot change our unconscious beliefs so easy. Even if you think that your beliefs are in the positive specter, it could be true but it could be not true. If you want to catch your beliefs on unconscious level, pay attention to them on a daily basis.

So how do you react daily? What do you tell yourselves usually?

  • Is life difficult and things happen in a difficult way? Is money difficult to be generated? Are there good people? Or
  • Things can happen easy and with joy, life is wonderful, there are plenty of opportunities outside it is just a matter to find them, money is available, I just need to contribute in a better way, there are good people and I need just 1 person and I now that this person exist and I will find them if I shift accordingly my expectations, develop skills, etc.

What is your daily inner talk?

If you aware that you need to change your subconscious beliefs, I can help you to do it fast.


I wish you a wonderful week every one, and much joy, happiness and abundance!


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With love,



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