Improving communication skills – online training for leaders & teams

Sunday April 5th, 2020
Improving communication skills – online training for leaders & teams

Motivation, cooperation, efficiency, and inspiration are the key to being successful, no matter whether it is about a business idea, an initiative, a relationship,  partnership, or training.

What if something goes wrong? How can we fix things? The communication style we use and receive when interacting with others is of huge importance, as well as the communication styles we have experienced in the past.

Motivation, cooperation, efficiency, and inspiration cannot be enforced or required. They can be cultivated by taking into consideration the personal needs, emotions, and values without manipulation but rather with real care about the people.

This is how empathic skills make a difference.

  • How might we change our communication style to an empathic one?
  • How might we put healthy boundaries and communicate effortlessly?

We will work together in mastering these skills in my  

Practical training “Developing empathic communication skills”

We cannot change others. We can change our attitude toward them and how we respond to people’s reactions. Change starts within ourselves.

Who is this training for?

This format is designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and team members.  It is for companies who want to support their people, and is especially useful in these challenging times, as it will reduce stress, improve performance and create a healthy environment of empathy, joy, trust, and cooperation.

What will you get?

“Developing empathic communication skills” training will provide your leaders and teams with practical information and exercises that will help them create positive changes in the team, between team members, with their clients, and with their family. People feel the difference even after the first module!


The overall benefits from this training have a huge positive impact on the business and personal life of people, especially in challenging times: the stress drops, even disappear, cooperation and effectiveness are improved, people become calmer, start radiating positive energy and joy, the performance improves naturally, leading to much better results.

Benefits for everyone WFH: undoubtedly, working from home has many positive sides, but we have all been experiencing many negative effects as well.  This training is very useful for people who have been struggling with these challenges during 2020. They will get the tools on how to cope with multitasking at home and communicate in an empathic way with others.

What happy customers say about this training:

  • “Currently, I can hear better what the other people want to say and I can collect more information.”
  • “It seems like the other people start opening and sharing more with me. And now I can learn more things which are important for my business.”
  • “The tension decreased and I can communicate freely now”.
  • “I feel lighter and inspired after the training”
  • “Abrupt change has happened with my relationships at work and at home. Currently, everything happens in calmness and peace. The work is going well without unnecessary emotions. There are more smiles and mutual understanding at home.”

Practical training “Developing empathic communication skills”


The training consists of 5 modules where we are going to work for developing new communication skills structured in 10 easy steps. In the first 4 modules, we practice each of these steps, and at the end of the 4th module, we assemble the whole toolset. In the 5th part, we learn how to apply what we have learned in a real conversation. In each module, we have practical exercises for overcoming the personal challenges of each participant according to their personal needs for transformation.

Here is what you get to learn with the program:

  1. What is empathy, how we lose it, how we can regain it, how to understand people better.
  2. Practical exercises how to free ourselves from negative feelings and emotions, and to enter in a neutral attitude to people and situations.
  3. How to connect with the positive attitude within us and how to approach people positively, even when we dislike their behavior.
  4. How to listen actively in a way that the other person feels that they are heard and understood instead of misunderstood, being advised, criticized, or blamed.
  5. How to express our feelings, emotions, and needs in a way that others can hear and understand, rather than rejecting us.
  6. How to respect the feelings and needs of other people and how to take them into consideration when we make decisions.
  7. Type of boundaries. How to build healthy boundaries, and how to respect the boundaries of other people too.
  8. Connection of empathy with motivation and inspiration.
  9. How to carry on a whole conversation that provides support, understanding, and collaboration, in a way that the other person responds positively to it.
  10. In the end, we systemize all this in concrete 10 steps and we practice how to carry on a whole conversation using examples given by the participants.


1/ Online (maximum 10 people):

  • 5 modules, 3 hours each, for groups of 7 to 10 people (total 15 hours)
  • 5 modules, 2.5 hours each, for groups of 5 to 6 people (total 12.5 hours)

2/ Live event (maximum 15 people):

  • 3 modules, 6 hours each, for groups up to 15 people (total 18 hours)
  • 3 modules, 5 hours each, for groups up 10 people (total 15 hours)

For more information, contact me here.


What else would you like to learn about this topic? What are your challenges that you want to address? Please ask your questions or write your comments here. I will answer you within two working days.

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