Why I have chosen the coaching as a profession?

Monday September 30th, 2019

The first advice I received from my colleagues in the lending division of Bulgarian American Credit Bank years ago after I started to work there as an investment analyst, was: “Look what kind of person is the leader/entrepreneur. The project could be perfect, but if the person does not have good managing skills, the project doesn’t matter.”

When I participated as a chief expert in the team engaged with the reorganization and expansion of Postbank at the beginning of 21 century, one of our tasks was to assess the branch managers and the results of their activity. The observations were saying that there was a direct correlation between the leadership style of the managers and the targets’ achievement of the branches. (Before that I was an internal auditor in the bank – one of the two people that was engaged with assessing the efficiency and the risk in the processes and functions in the bank considering all units from the start to the end of each process in lending, investments, liquidity, accounting, operations and etc.)

I had experienced many different leadership styles and behaviors during the 15 years I had spent in the corporate world. And I was wondering how is it possible for some people to inspire you, and others to create a toxic environment that demotivates you?

I was also a witness of how some projects failed and others were blossoming, how some managers were growing, and others were falling. Of course, these provoked many other questions…

I found the answers to my questions in positive psychology, coaching, NLP, neurosciences, emotional intelligence, and other contemporary studies and good practices about success.

To help people be more successful, to communicated with each other in a better way, and to help them be happier, became my mission.

And more than 5 years I partner with leaders in companies, business owners and entrepreneurs to develop their leadership skills, to become more effective, and to achieve their goals with delight. In order to do it effectively, I have studied in accredited international academies in the USA and in Bulgaria, and I continue to study different methodologies, to add new tools and to develop my programs every year.  You can find more about my qualifications here…

The results of my clients inspire me to continue to share my experience and knowledge with more people about:

  • How a leader become a successful and loved leader?
  • How does the leader create an environment of collaboration, where the work goes efficiently, people are happy and supportive, and the company’s results grow with ease?


Connect with me for e free conversation to learn more about how can I contribute to you and your team! 

Write to me on ivet@ivetpavlova.com or through the contact form here.

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