How to cope with the tiredness from multitasking

Friday August 12th, 2022
How to cope with the tiredness from multitasking

Having long lists of tasks, the new leaders usually multitask with different topics which makes them inefficient. That is why they often work till late and during the weekends. This creates lots of tension and an irritational attitude due to chronic fatigue.

If you are one of these leaders, what do you think,

  • How long could you continue like this?
  • How does this impact people in your team and people at home?

We are usually stuck in multitasking because of some feelings, old beliefs, or emotional fog about what is urgent and what is really valuable to be done in the first place. And although people do it because they think this is the way to cope with all the tasks they have, actually,

  • Neuroscience has found that we lose a lot of time (about 20 minutes) when we change our focus from one task to another and
  • It is much better to learn how to pay attention to 1 activity for a longer period and then shift to another one instead of trying to multitask. If we succeed to do this on a regular base, we become more efficient at work and we free up more time in our life for enjoying it.

So, I challenge you to try it for at least a week. And I appreciate your results in the comments below.

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